Nigeria’s systemic problems have long been a source of growing concern about the country’s high rate of unemployment. In Nigeria, academic, vocational, and technical institutions annually graduate thousands of students as a way to lower the country’s illiteracy rate, but the lack of both private and public sector enterprises is the main obstacle that undermines this effort.

As it impacts every region of the nation, insecurity is slowly consuming the nation, and it is thought that unemployment is a major contributor to this. The country is in utter disarray. The country’s long-standing problem of property and life insecurity has now taken a new, unfavourable turn that no one would wish for. No area of the nation is secure; criminal elements have brought the entire nation to its knees, from the South to the West to the North and East. However, implementing a policy of investing in job creation hubs is necessary to take strategic action against unemployment.

Reducing unemployment will have a significant impact on the level of insecurity. In order to combat unemployment, proactive measures including opening up new employment opportunities, starting business ventures, and hiring people are required. This will significantly reduce insecurity by addressing unemployment. Reducing unemployment will also benefit from improved education systems. The government must address the issue of unemployment since it is a key contributor to insecurity if it is to defeat it in the nation.


Due to the unrest in Nigeria, many businesses have concentrated on selecting professionals who can adhere to deadlines and work with schedules but may not always be present in the workplace. This century has seen a rise in the number of virtual workspaces. Teleconferences are used to close deals, employers use social media to hire, and workplace comfort is becoming more and more in demand. Nations like Nigeria have embraced this idea and incorporated it into the ethics of their institutions. Consider these online business possibilities in Nigeria to assist you live a better life in the convenience of your own home if you are either currently unemployed or dissatisfied with what you are doing

Freelance Writer

The most typical online position in Nigeria is this one. It is not necessary to be present at a company’s office to submit written articles. Thus, one of the most popular work-from-home jobs in Nigeria is becoming a freelance writer. Qualities are fundamental. A freelance writer should have a strong body of work in their portfolio, and their writing should be interesting enough to draw in many readers. Additionally, authors need to be dynamic in order to explain things in a way that is approachable rather than arcane. Applicants must, of course, have a solid understanding of Internet ideas and be familiar with online content optimization since the content will be placed on the web.


A translator publishes articles with the same substance as a freelance writer, but they are translated from original articles that were written in a different language. In addition to English, many Nigerians are recognized to speak and write in other languages with ease. Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Portuguese are a some of the more widely spoken tongues. Employers prefer candidates who are fluent in one or more of these languages. You can actually make a respectable living off of this translating work if you’re a highly accomplished linguist and are fluent in more than three languages with strong demand for translation jobs.

Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant’s duties can include everything from research to help desk support. The lingua franca in Nigeria is English, so if you’re considering working as a virtual assistant, be prepared for firms to evaluate your ability to speak and write in it. This online position asks for a courteous demeanor when managing customer emails, taking support calls, and performing other secretarial duties. This administrative position can earn up to $10 per hour.

Graphics Design

Jobs in graphic design are in high demand right now, even more so than they were two years ago. If you have creative skills, you may work from home and make up to $60 an hour creating animations and logos. Your best chance of being employed by businesses that operate online job sites is to have a sizable portfolio of imaginative designs and Flash works. Add web designs to your work and you might earn up to $50 more per hour. Include your experience as a photographer on your resume if you are competent of taking clear pictures. Companies typically pay generously for images that speak for their brand in a distinctive way and that they can’t acquire anywhere else.

Sales Representative

The management of information and communication technology services, such as domain registration, hosting and data center services, corporate email account setup, etc., is the responsibility of telecommuting sales agents. Earnings are based on both commissions and salaries. As a sales representative, you will be required to do cold calling, mass mailing, and data mining for leads in order to close sales. Your business will either supply the numbers and data or you will do the research. Account negotiations, online presentations, and transaction closure will also fall under your purview. Sales representatives take on billing, payment collection, and support duties in the final stages. Candidates must therefore have a strong technical background and sales experience in the ICT sector.

You don’t necessarily need to be computer literate to start working from home in Nigeria. Companies may provide training and assess your performance to make sure you have the qualifications needed for the positions. However, having strong time management skills continues to be a must for these positions. You might also run into problems with resources being available, and you’ll need to conduct thorough investigation to avoid chances that are false or poorly advertised. Overall though, there are amazing tasks you can perform from home that pay well, and it all depends on your core competencies.