New Zealand Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 (High Demand)


New Zealand is going through a high Skill Shortage and NZ Accreditated Employers (Sponsor) Can Sponsor Your Work Visa. The New Zealand Visa Sponsorship Jobs for 2023 is now open and companies in NZ are willing to sponsor applicants from around the world. The starting salary ranges from $51,650 New Zealand dollars and varies from Job to Job and company to company. International students who are looking for Jobs in NZ should immediately start the process of Visa Sponsorship Jobs in NZ. After getting the approval letter, the company will handle, manage, and will take care of the Visa process.

They are looking for candidates from all backgrounds, all fields, all majors, and any skill. A Few Examples of jobs that fall under this high skills category are all engineering fields are in huge demand and if you are in IT, you can earn specific salaries like Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Managers ($120,000), Software Engineer ($120,000), ICT Security Specialist ($120,000), and Multimedia Specialists ($95,000).

The other examples of high-demand Jobs required in NZ are given below. To Start for the New Zealand Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023 you will need a New Zealand-style CV, Documents, and a job offer. So, please read this post till the end. This is called a Sponsor Visa. An organization registered in New Zealand as a company. The list of the Accredited Employers (Sponsoring Companies) is given below.

List of High Demand New Zealand Visa Sponsorship Jobs 2023

NZ Welcome candidates from every ethnicity, national origin, gender identity, and age.

List of Shortage Fields 

If one of your fields falls under a Shortage list, then there is a high chance of getting a Visa sponsorship for New Zealand.

  • Construction (All Fields)
  • Engineering (All Engineerings)
  • Finance / Business
  • Health and Social Services
  • ICT, Electronics, and Telecommunications
  • Recreation, Hospitality, and Tourism
  • Science
  • Trades
  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Education
  • Telecommunications
  • Use this “Skill Shortage Checker” to see a Full list of fields.

List of Companies offering Visa Sponsorship Jobs in NZ

Click on each company, and it will redirect to the carrier page where they are offering Jobs. Read the Job description, and criteria and apply for the Job first. The sponsorship is the point. First, get an offer from the sponsor.

This list of the Authorized companies that can sponsor a Visa officially given by the New Zealand Government. You can Check (Here). The name of the company and the email contact are also given by NZ Govt.

You can email them or you can Google the name of the company and apply for the Job there.

First thing First, You need to Find a Job in NZ

  • If you’re thinking of coming to New Zealand from another country to work, you’ll need a work or resident visa. To get that you’re likely to need a job.
  • Apply for the Jobs in the companies that are given above. They are authorized to sponsor international applicants.
  • It is perfectly legal to apply for jobs before you get a visa. After getting a Job the head of the Job will help you in all application processes. Once you get a Visa, you will start Earning.

Make a New Zealand Style CV

Most employers will quickly scan your CV to decide if it is worth reading in more detail. So it needs to make a good impression quickly.

What to include in Your CV

New Zealand employers only want to see relevant information on your CV. They do not need a list of every job or course you have ever done.

Employers are most interested in your:

    • Technical and personal skills
    • Work experience
    • Qualifications and Education
    • Community and volunteer experience.
  • They also like to see some evidence of how you have applied your skills.
  • It is best to only include relevant details of your skills and experience and to give brief examples of how you have used your skills in the past. Learn more about New Zealand Style CV: Here

Disclaimer: This information is based on my experience and knowledge I got from the official NZ Govt website. I am not an immigration lawyer or consultant. My own personal views and analysis. I have attached a link to an official announcement above. If you are unsure, go to the official website that is given above.