Massive rigging uncovered at APC Presidential Primaries


Issues of massive rigging being perpetrated by notable party stalwarts have been uncovered at the All Progressives Congress, APC Presidential Primaries

A Chairman of the Election Sub-Committee of the APC, a sitting Governor from a NorthWest State has been caught privately taking custody of ballot papers and signing them without other members of the committee being aware

He was reported to have produced the ballot papers although members of the committee were meant to have witnessed the signing and stamping the ballot boxes openly.

A member of the Election Committee who wanted to be anonymous expressed his disappointment at the notable party stalwarts.

“The Gov of Kebbi alone brought in most of the volunteers for the work. In fact some of us we had to force our way to also bring in  5 volunteers while he alone brought 50 people.

“He alone took custody of the ballot papers and signed them without anybody aware. He just produced the ballot papers and he had told us earlier that we shall be involved in the stamping (customized) of the papers for additional security, but he did it alone.

“There were also many instances of delegates taking snapshots of their ballot papers after voting. When confronted about this, as it is against our rules, the Governor who is the head of the Election Committe said we should leave the matter,  claiming we can’t enforce the rule.

“Someone was caught with ballot papers in his pocket and ran but I think he was caught, not sure. But no diligent pursuit of the matter at all.

“We have claims of those volunteers he brought in filing ballot papers for people in Katsina and Kano, this is also against the rule we publicly agreed to.

“As Election Committee we didn’t brief the agents about any of our rules before voting started. This  I believe is very flawed and process compromised.

“Now all of this were observed within the first hour of the voting at the Eagle Square venue of the APC Presidential primaries” he said