5 Ways to Get a Canadian Study Permit in Nigeria, India, US and Anywhere in 2022


Getting a study visa in Nigeria is slow, or at times, can be slow. And getting a Canadian Study Permit from Nigeria? This can be super frustrating unless you’re from India or the USA which takes roughly 2-5 weeks

But there’s one big shortcut.

This post is a step-by-step guide to getting a Canadian Study Permit in Nigeria, India, USA and anywhere else in the world.

It’s the only fast study permit acquisition tactic that I know of. The key here is in your approach and knowing the factors before and after you.

While the goal is to find out how to navigate the dangerous waters of the Canadian study permit application, the ultimate idea is to identify what the problem might be and how to possibly overcome them.

And of course, it is always better to know the basics before the application process.


Defining the Study Permit Challenges for Nigerian Applicants

It’s very important to define the fact that it is tough to get a study permit if you’re a Nigerian. In fact, if you’ve been rejected once, your chances of being rejected the second time is almost 67-75%.

The study permit approval rates for Nigerians to Canada as of 2017 was less than 15%, meaning, out of 100 persons that applied for study permit from Nigeria, only 15 got a study permit. That is scary, I know.

In fact, according to qz.com/africa, three in four Africans that applied for student visas in Canada 2019 have been rejected.

While there is no official change in policy towards Africans, the analysis notes that “in many cases, the refusal rate has increased dramatically in recent years.

For example, there’s a view that the applications from Nigeria have been particularly “colored” by the increased rates of pending asylum claims by Nigerians in Canada—now the highest for any nationality—over the past few years.

Matching that trend, rejection of Nigerian applications has grown from 55% in 2013 to 81% in 2018.

To read the above, it is quite mind-blowing, so, get the surer hack to grabbing a Canadian Study Permit in Nigeria.


Study Permit Refusal Rate in Canada

According to studentimmigration, India stands #1, Nigeria at #3, and the United States #8 in Canada’s rejection rate of international students.


Countries With The Most Pending Asylum Claims In Canada?

You won’t be wrong to guess it. Nigeria tops the list. Here is an infographic from theatlas.com.

Get a Canadian Study Permit in Nigeria


Why Is It Hard For Nigerians To Get Canadian Study Permit?

One sure reason Nigerians get rejected is due to proof of financial funds that are either insufficient or in-genuine.

Truth is, I don’t know why many may fake their POFs, but that is a write-up for another day. Let’s go on to see the easy way out to get the study permit.


2022 Fastest Way to Get a Canadian Study Permit in Nigeria, India, US and Anywhere


Here are the sure paths to getting a Canadian study permit as a Nigerian, Indian, etc. and what you need at the check-point to prove to the Canadian visa officer.

1.     Define a Clear Purpose of Visit

What is your reason for applying for the study permit in Canada?

Do you intend to use this as a means to apply for Permanent Residency or you really intend to get a study and return to your home country.

Being sincere here will only enhance your acceptance rate when you need to prove to the Canadian visa officer you’re qualified.


2.     Age Advantage

Your age here will affect your acceptance rate. If you’re in your early twenties, then good because that’s a green light.


3.     Educational Background

Your educational background can make or mar your study permit chances. How do I mean?

If you have completed your first degree or Higher National diploma and you seek to pursue a degree program in Canada, then your case is different as your chances are on the positive side.


4.     Issue a Valid Proof of Funds

Needless to say, the letter of financial support is very important.

Just as relocating to Canada using Express Entry, you must be self-sufficient –can you sponsor yourself or you have a sponsor?

The best way is to have the required money in your bank account which will act as proof of funds.

But first, your sponsor must clearly state his/her source of income. As in, is he/she employed or self-employed?

If self-employed, a registered business with the CAC will enhance the process. And yes, having invoices and receipts from clients will make it even better.

This is so important because the Visa Officer will check your documents to ensure your proof of funds is okay.

Again, another hack is paying tuition for at least 1 semester or a year if possible. This will spearhead your process with the Visa Officer.

What happens if you’re an Employee?

Let’s say you work in a bank, you will need to show your salary account for at least 3-6 months, reference letter from your bank, your offer letter showing how much your total annual salary package is, your payslips and proof of tax payment.

5.     Have A Clear Intention To Return To Home Country After Study

The Canadian authority may not like the idea of sticking around even when your study time is up.

So, to get your permit approved easily you need to clearly define your intentions.

Do you wish to stick around and search for a job or you’ll return to your home country?

Again, being sincere here gets you the permit else, if your application does not demonstrate a strong intention to return to your residential country upon completion of your studies then you might get rejected.


My thoughts: in the UK, the current prime minister (2020) allows Nigerians to stick around and search for a job after their study period – this might not be unique, so, clearly know & state what you want to do in Canada after your goal is achieved.

The ultimate thing the Visa Officer wants to see is total sincerity.


How To Apply For Canadian Study Permit in Nigeria, India, US and Anywhere

There are basically 2 ways to apply for a Canadian study permit. You can do it online or by paper.

The paper process may take a bit of time, so, I recommend the online route.

While we will soon write about how to apply for the Canadian student permit, the things you need to get ready are as follows:

  • an acceptance letter from a designated learning institution (DLI)
  • a valid passport or travel document
  • proof you can support yourself, and any family members who come with you, while you’re in Canada

Here is the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website for your application.


3 Steps to Check Processing Times For Canadian Study Permit

Here are the 3 steps you need to check the processing times for the Canadian study permit.

You must enter:

  • What are you applying for
  • The temporary residence application
  • Where are you applying from?

When done, click on “Get Processing Time”.

For Nigerians, it takes 7 weeks. For Americans, it takes 3 weeks, and for Indians, it takes 2 weeks.

Alternative Ways to Get a Canadian Study Permit in Nigeria

If you can’t enter Canada via student Permit then you can go the way of PNP. Here are the CHEAPEST way to successfully relocate to Canada if you’re a Nigerian.


Frequently Asked Questions About Canadian Study Permit In Nigeria

Question: What is the cost of living as a student in Canada?

Answer: For living costs you must have at least N3-5 million naira of disposable cash.

Use this link to see the currency equivalent in your country.

Question: Do I need to upload Original Documents for my study permit application?

Answer: You may not need to upload the original unless it is clearly stated. If not stated, what you want to do is upload clear photocopies of your documents as required.

Question: what happens if the Canadian embassy does not respond to your application?

Answer: continue to check your inbox. If they say they’re working on it, then, they’re doing just that. See above again to check the processing time.


Final Note on Canadian Study Permit 2022

Getting your study permit pretty much hooks on 3 things. #1. Your Proof of Funds #2. Clear definition of visit #3. Your intentions after years of study and #4. Luck – pray hard to bypass the Visa Officer.

I hope this made sense to you. Kindly click the share button if yes. Thanks.

Source: https://relocationgarland.com.ng/