…charges new chairman to allow most popular candidate lead APC to victory

The All Progressives Congress Youth Development and Solidarity Forum has tasked the party’s new leadership to consolidate on its rancour-free national convention to conduct a free and fair presidential primary.

To stand a chance at next year’s general elections, the group said the Senator Abdullahi Adamu-led executives must ensure that the party parades its most popular aspirant as presidential candidate.

The APC Youth Developmet and Solidarity Forum made this known at a one-day rally in Abuja on Thursday to congratulate Adamu and his team.

Addressing party faithful, Secretary-General, Hon. Tobias Ogbeh, urged the party’s leadership to caution individuals already parading themselves as the APC’s flagbearers.

According to Ogbeh, the ruling party does not need such unhealthy and undemocratic displays at this time as it will send a wrong message.

The group, however, warned that unpleasant consequences beckons electorally should the party deny the best candidate the party’s flag under the guise of zoning or consensus.

Ogbeh said the APC must not fail to meet the expectations of Nigerians and the international community with its choice of candidate.

While assuring the party of their unflinching support as always, the group expressed confidence in the leadership to conduct a credible exercise.

Read full statement below:

I welcome you all to this rally that has critical stakeholders of our great party in attendance. I am elated with the huge turnout, which indicates that our great party has remained united and indivisible despite the myriads of challenges that threatened our foundation.

I want to use this medium to appreciate all members of the APC for the successful conduct of our party convention that produced leaders and members of the National Working Committee with the mandate to position the party for electoral success in the forthcoming general elections in 2023.

We are glad that we have as chairman of our party the distinguished Senator Abdullahi Adamu and other notable members in various positions in the party. The coming on board of the new executives is a good omen for the party because of their outstanding pedigree and penchant for the development of the APC.

It is our considered opinion that the Abdullahi Adamu led executives would deliver on the mandate to ensure a resounding electoral success for the party in the 2023 general elections. We consequently do not doubt that the new executives of the party would rise above sentiments to ensure that the APC is placed on track as the elections approach.

As stakeholders in our great party, we are duty-bound to ensure that issues that have the potential of affecting the party negatively are highlighted towards ensuring that we avoid any form of pitfalls as we journey towards the 2023 general elections.

We are aware that some persons are already parading themselves as the chosen candidates of the National Chairman and the NWC and, to this end, have arrogated to themselves powers that defeat common sense.

They have, in like manner, elected to ignore critical stakeholders of the party to the chagrin of all well-meaning members of our great party. While we may wish to ignore the activities of these individuals, we are, however, constrained to alter the leadership of our party to this ignoble trend that is capable of rubbishing the gains recorded in the party in recent times.

The APC Youth and Development Forum is at the occasion of this rally, calling on the National Chairman and other members of the NWC to be wary of such individuals that have been name-dropping, thereby sending the wrong signals to other members of the party.

The APC as a party does not need such unhealthy and undemocratic displays by some party members. This is unacceptable, and we demand the leadership of our great party to issue strong caution and reprimand to those individuals.

Whilst some aspirants have only made their declaration on the pages of newspapers, others who believe in the power of democracy have continued to galvanize stakeholders and have received popular endorsements from all segments of the party.

This is indeed the beauty of democracy hence the need for the leadership of our party to step in and assure the teeming members of the APC that they are not in bed with these undesirable elements that aim to take undue advantage of their closeness with the National Chairman to impose their whims and caprices on the party.

It is our considered opinion that it will be foolhardy for anyone to think that manipulating the party’s presidential primaries will be the way out for their candidates. We are assured that the APC as a party is bigger than individuals, and the leadership of our party is well-positioned to avail all aspirants a level playing ground.

As concerned party members, we must come to terms with the issues at stake should a non-popular candidate emerge as the presidential candidate to fly the party flag at the presidential election.

This rally is therefore calling on the party under the dynamic leadership of Senator Abdullahi Adamu to, without sentiment, ensure that the most popular candidate emerges as the presidential candidate of the party as the international community and other concerned stakeholders are keenly watching to see what will become of the APC.

We must also warn that there would be unpleasant consequences electorally should the party deny the best candidate the party flag under the guise of zoning or consensus that fails to meet the yearnings of the masses in 2023.

The APC Youth and Development Forum believes that there are some vested interest in our party that are hell-bent on pushing the party towards electoral misfortune with their activities that does not augur well for the internal democracy in the party and our quest to come out victorious in the 2023 general elections.

The need for free and fair primaries is incumbent on the party’s leadership if we desire to present a strong and sellable presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections to emerge victoriously.

Therefore, we are using the occasion of this rally to send this vital message to the National Chairman of our party, Senator Abdullahi Adamu and other members of the NWC to ensure nothing but a level playing field for all presidential aspirants.

The APC must not fail to meet the expectations of its teeming members across the country as we prepare for the 2023 general elections. However, we are confident that the leadership of the APC will rise to the occasion and deliver free and credible primaries.

We wish to assure the party leadership of our unflinching support as always. And as we can see, the crowd at this rally is indicative of this resolve.

I especially thank you all for your commitment to our great party’s growth and development.

Thank you all, and God bless.