Benue Killings: Middle Belts Youths Forum attacks Buahri for failing to condole with residents 


The Middle Belts Youths  Forum has once again called out President Muhammadu Buhari over his refusal to condole with the people and Government of Benue state over the recent killings in Tarka local Government area of the state.

16 persons were recently murdered in Tarka local Government while eight persons were also killed in Mbadwem in Guma local government area of Benue recently

President of the Forum, Terrence Kuanum in a statement said the  renewed killings of Benue people has consistently resumed in recent time with consistent silence from the federal government led by president Mohammadu Buhari

He said the same Federal Government who is always quick to console with Plateau,Zamfara,kaduna when similar killings happen shows that the Benue killings are politicized.

“Governor Samuel Ortoms opposition to the Federal Government’s attitude to the killings of his people pitches him against and the Miyetti Allah groups who are determined to acquire the entire Benue State for their Kinsmen to occupy.

“The Federal Government has always ignored the antics of these groups either by direct confrontation,blackmail or the use of proxies to compel Governor ORTOM to repeal the Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law.At every peace and security meeting Miyetti Allah representatives and their allies in government always push for the amendment or outright repeal of the law.

“Sensing the determination of the Benue State Government to continue with the enforcement of the law,those merchants of death have deployed their plan B which is to visit the state with more killings.

“A direct manifestation of the orchestrated palm is the ongoing unprovoked atatcks on our communities by the Fulani terrorists groups who have been killing scores of people and destroying farmlands as well as other property worth billions of Naira.

“This week attack on Tior  Tyu in Tarka local government and Mbadwem communities in Guma local government Areas were armed terrorists slaughtered over 24 persons and injured many others quickly comes to mind.

“Being the proactive leader that he is, Governor Samuel ORTOM and other leaders of the Middle Belt wasted no time in calling on President Buhari to end the killing of his people

“As an umbrella body of Middle Belt  yourhs,we want to put it on record in unmistakable terms on this day 13th March 2022 that we are solidly behind Governor Samuel ORTOM in his call on President Behuri to declare the Miyetti Allah Kouta Hore aa Terrorists

“We expect President Muhammadu Buhari to visit Benue,Plateau,Southern Kaduna States and commiserate with Benue people and direct the NEMA to as a matter of urgency give due attention to the over 1.5 million IDPs in Benue.

“We must also make it abundantly clear to whoever wants to listen that  we will not let anyone take our farm land from us.We will defend our ancestral homes within the ambit of the law.Enough of impunity and intimidation

“Any attempt through any forceful means or sponsored terrorists attack on our people will be met with commensurate resistance.

“We equally appeal to security operatives to uphold the highest professional standards in handling the terrorist attacks.If security agencies remain true to their professional calling regarding terrorists attacks.

“The people of the Middle Belt will continue to stand behind Governor ORTOM to enforce the Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranching Establishment Law.

“The international community is hereby invited to beam its searchlight on Benue to unravel the planned attacks by Fulani terrorists whom the Global Terrorism Index rated as the forth most dangerous terrorists organization in the world

“We the youths of the Middle Belt region are determined to see our free from the constant fear of terrorists attacks,and our determination is anchored on the timeless words of Martin Luther King Junior when he said I quote

“We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor,it must be demanded by the oppressed” he said