You will find everything you need to visit Paris whether youre planning a trip or settling in the charming city. This city is the fashion capital of the globe. It has a rich history and an extensive culture. The city has many activities for French culture. There are many myths about Paris. Heres our list of facts that no one tells us until its too late.

Bonjour, Merci, Pardon

Paris is just like any other city. It has its own set of standards for etiquette. Parisians are respectful of each other’s civility and maintain a sense of civic harmony in the streets. It is normal for a bus driver to smile at passengers and say hello to them with a Bonjour.

It Is Very Simple To Move About

Paris can seem daunting to those who don’t own a GPS-enabled phone. There are 20 districts and many streets that share very similar names, which can make it difficult to remember. You will find a Metro sign or bus stop with a large map of the city no matter where you are. It doesn’t matter what language you speak, public transportation makes it easy to get around the city. Public bikes are also available with stations near each other, which makes it an easy alternative to the metro while you’re still active. And if you are planning a trip alone you can find a company from Lovesita to make your trip unforgettable.

The French Speak English

A few years back, tourists who visited Paris were unable to communicate with locals because of the language barrier. Very few spoke English. It is not surprising that many people believe the French don’t speak English. Nevertheless, Parisians are becoming more Anglophone due to the increasing influence of American culture and the internet. They aren’t big fans of English and prefer to speak their native language. However, they will try to understand you and make you feel understood if asked politely.

French People Aren’t Rude

Although most locals will not go out of their way for lost foreigners to socialize or help them, if they are asked, there will always be someone who can help them. They are polite and respectful to one another, which is contrary to what they might appear to be. Parisians who work in the tourism industry deal daily with tourists of all kinds, even those who are disrespectful and disregard the city’s culture. This is common in large cities with constant tourist flow. You might encounter locals who are rude to tourists or don’t like them.

The French Value Cheese, Wine, Bread More Than You Might Think

Fashion Is Everywhere

Paris is the capital of fashion, and Parisians are proud to be so. On the streets of Paris, you’ll see both men and women wearing well-fitted suits and chic bags as they rush through the metro. Summer sees women wearing light colors, short skirts, and open shoes. Winter brings stylish scarves and coats to public places. Fashion is an inherited trait. Parents dress their children in unique styles and designer clothes. Parisians are always well-prepared to look their best, even if they only have to go to the grocery store on Sunday mornings.

Parisians Who Wear High-End Couture Are Not Known For Their Shopping Habits

It is not unusual for a Parisian to have expensive bags and clothes. These private sales are where fashion houses hold end-of-season sales to sell their excess stock at the lowest possible prices. You will likely be added to the brand’s mailing lists if you are an old resident. If you are new to town, you can follow your favorite designer’s page on Facebook or sign up for their newsletter. This will allow you to be part of the private shopping frenzy.