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Buhari not ready to tackle insecurity, says Benue youths

Benue youths have once again criticised President Muhammadu Buhari on the persistent spate of insecurity in the country.



They said Buhari is not ready to see its end



President of the Benue Youths Forum, Terrence Kuanum while reacting to Governor Samuel Ortom’s interview on Arise TV said the Governor was right when he said the Open Grazing Prohibition and Ranches Establishment Law of Benue State has  been successfully enforced with great achievements recorded.



“It is true as the Governor stated that the spate of armed Fulani herdsmen attacks has reduced with only a few cases of violations of the law still being witnessed in the border communities.



“It is absolutely correct that President Muhammadu Buhari is not ready to solve security issues in the country, otherwise why would he be insisting on reopening of cattle routes when the three regions in the country have banned open grazing? It is a clandestine support from him to the altracious killings by the armed Fulani herdsmen.



“Governor Ortom spoke the minds of majority of Nigerians when he said that the day President Buhari decides to end the Fulani attacks on innocent people, the attacks will indeed become a thing of the past. The President’s poor handling of the economy has made Nigerians poor and hungry, with a high rate of unemployment and a staggering debt profile. Nothing is working and we citizens of this country cannot wait for the expiration of an insensitive administration of the Buhari led Federal Government before we raise our voices.



“Whenever the Governor speaks patriotically like this, we see sponsored media attacks on him. This is not new. We have in recent times seen many sponsored media attacks on Governor Ortom to poison the minds of Benue people but those efforts are futile as the issues he constantly raises have remained unanswered by the presidency.



“The government of Buhari should realize that no amount of blackmail will distract the people of Benue from supporting the pragmatic and patriotic leadership of Governor Samuel Ortom who has shown his people uncommon love and has greatly sacrificed for them since he assumed office. Our heritage has been preserved today because of his resolute stand and refusal to betray his people.



“We stand solidly with Governor Ortom and his administration, and we commend him for all he has been doing for the people of the State.



“The Benue Youth Forum urges the President to come down from his high ego horse and listen to critical stakeholders like Governor Ortom who have been offering viable solutions for fixing security, economy and other critical issues to move the country forward.




“Lastly, we urge the Buhari administration and its agents to focus on their mandate of providing leadership to alleviate the suffering of the people and desist from vilifying and castigating true nationalists and patriots like Governor Samuel Ortom” he said



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