CSO Chides PDP over Call for Resignation of CBN Governor


A pro-democracy group, Save Nigeria Movement (SNM) has chided the opposition main political party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) over its call on the Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele to resign on allegations that he appeared in All Progressives Congress (APC) campaign posters which confirms his partisan affiliation and entanglement with the APC.

The PDP also accused the apex bank governor of sponsoring the national convention of the ruling APC.

However, the SNM took a swipe at the PDP accusing her of attempting to distract the CBN governor who has been pragmatic in sterling the nation’s economy even in the face of COVID19 pandemic with trvialities.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja on Saturday, Convener of Save Nigeria Movement, Rev. Solomon Semaka praised the ingenuity of Mr Godwin Emiefele in sustaining the economic agenda of the President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration in ensuring that the economy records growth despite global economic downturn and urged him to remain focused.

“The Save Nigeria Movement, a pro-democracy group with the mandate to enthrone good governance and democratic ethics in the country. It is based on this mandate that I address you today concerning the unfortunate call for Governor Godwin Emefiele to resign as Governor of the CBN.
“It will interest you to note that Governor Emiefele has not yet declared his intention to contest for any elective position or has he consulted with the party’s hierarchy in respect of the 2023 elections. The fact that his posters are seen in the city of Abuja and elsewhere does not in any way imply that he has authorized same. Nigerians are only appreciating a man they trust and that should not be misconstrued for a declaration to contest”, the group stated.

It further described as politics taken too far the interpretation that the mere appearance of posters which Emefiele is not even aware of as an act of impunity as shameful.

“There’s no basis for interpreting the mere appearance of posters which Emiefele is not even aware of as an act of impunity. Emiefele is apolitical and will remain so until he finishes his final term at the CBN. The choice of words and timing of the smear campaign against the CBN governor is not only misleading but a calculated attempt to discredit Mr. Emiefele whose integrity is impeccable and glaring for all to see.

“For the records, our investigations reveal that Governor Emiefele is not a card-carrying member of any political party. Anybody with contrary information should come forward and disprove of this fact. Note too that it was the PDP Administration under former President Goodluck Jonathan that appointed Emiefele as the Governor of CBN. How then can he suddenly become partisan? We expect the People’s Democratic Party to commend President Buhari for his liberality in retaining the CBN governor on merit.

“Quoting the provisions of Section 9 of the Central Bank of Nigeria (Establishment) Act, those masquerading as PDP members are just jittery of his possible candidature and have rather ended up exposing themselves. Every “Nigerian is aware that the CBN governor is always very dedicated and professional in the discharge of his duties. The fact that the Nigerian Economy is standing even after the COVID-19 pandemic speaks volumes of his pragmatic leadership not to mention the drastic reduction in unemployment and inflation in the country.

“Mr. Emiefele cannot be accused of violating the CBN Act. The CBN Governor may have been taken by surprise over the presidential campaign posters just like everybody. This is because Nigerians know his capabilities. Nigerians are the people calling on him to run for office of president. Calling for his resignation by the monstrous and treacherous opposition PDP only exposes the motive of those behind the blackmail.

“There is also no proof that the CBN is an appendage of the APC. Governor Emiefele is a public servant and his allegiance is to his employer albeit professionally and that is the only relationship he has with Mr. President and all political appointees that he interfaces with in the discharge of his duties. Wailing about any form of an unethical relationship between the chief banker of the nation and any public office holder is unfair and uncharitable to say the least. Everybody is aware that Mr. President is a global anti-corruption ambassador and will not tolerate any dubious appointee in his administration. Those bent on tarnishing a good man’s image should find another preoccupation.

“Again accusing the CBN Governor of sponsoring APC conventions is truly hilarious as it is utterly mischievous. The APC as a party has a treasury and members pay their dues and make individual contributions. This is aside from the contributions of elected officers. Malicious narratives such as promoted by the PDP can only come from people who are out to destroy innocent souls with their penchant for falsehood and malicious attacks in a desperate bid to return to power come 2023!”, the group added.