A Text of Press briefing by the Convener of Save Nigeria Movement, Rev Solomon Semaka on the 23rd day of March 2022 at Charity House, Opposite Buhari International Market, Karu.

The importance of this press briefing is to respond to the needless press conference of the presidents of middle belt youths Forum on 22nd March, 2022 calling for the sack of the Director General of Department of State Services, Alhaji Yusuf Magaji Bichi.

This is laughable. There was never a time the Service or its DG mentioned governors. We can clearly remember that the DSS issued a statement on 19th March, 2022 and alerted the public of plans by some elements to stoke violence in parts of the country particularly the North Central zone. The following day, the Vanguard newspaper published that 3 governors were on the watch of security agencies. To the best of our knowledge, Vanguard never mentioned the DSS.

We are utterly surprised that the MiddleBelt group would ascribe the Vanguard report to the DSS. But we seem to understand your fears. You are possibly exposing your masters by attacking what was never ascribed to them. How regrettable that you advertised your ignorance in the public space especially for malicious intents.

To put the records straight and address the misinformation and outright lies contained in that press statement, it is the duty of DSS to gather intelligence and inform Nigerians about possible threats. It is also the duty of the DSS to take proactive steps to forestall and quell internal uprisings. If the DSS has uncovered a plot by some persons it did not mention to incite violence and make the country ungovernable, then they should be praised for doing their duty professionally. The DSS works round the clock to safeguard lives and property in the country. This kind of statement coming from youths who should know better is disgusting and shameful.

It is easy to chronicle isolated security incidences to push home a false narrative that the federal government is not doing well or to divert people’s attention from the situation on ground in some states. It is however, uncharitable to refuse to acknowledge the numerous successes the DSS and other security agencies are doing to combat insecurity. Such behaviour is tantamount to wishing the state to fail. The good news is that Nigeria has not failed and her institutions are solid and delivering to the chagrin of corrupt and politically reckless leaders.

The federal government cannot use the DSS to witch-hunt any governor as was alleged in that pointless press statement. There will be no justification to go after any state governor simply because they do not agree with Mr. President. Governors are covered by constitutional immunity that protects them from prosection. It does not add up to say that the federal government is setting them up. Why choose them amongst all others? The group may face Vanguard newspaper.

Calling for the sack of the Director of the DSS is shameful. Instead of demanding for his sack, it is better to address the issues raised by the revelations in the DSS report. Criminal elements intent on causing civil disturbance must desist if not the full weight of the law will descend on them. Please leave the DGSS alone. Allow him to continue his good works.

This is a clarion call to all youths especially in the middle belt to prevail on their state governors to pay salaries with approved federal government scales to reduce the hardship people are facing in their states. Youths should hold their leaders accountable and resist being used as thugs and hatchet men. This is the highest duty of youths to their states and country. Making themselves available to be used by rogue governors and political leaders must stop henceforth.

May Nigeria succeed and may criminal elements fail ten times .

Thank you all

Rev Solomon Semaka.
The Convener,
Save the Nigeria Movement