“I have this strong desire to be a witch” – 20-year-old lady seeks help on making her dream come true


In a narration by a 20-year-old lady who claimed to have noticed horrible occurrences to people who crossed paths with her begs for help on how to enroll in a proper witch academy.

Read the full narration below …

“I have this strong desire to be a witch. I’m a 20years old girl. I want to be a witch. Please is there any school where one can study demonology. I have told my mum that this is what I want but she feels I am possessed.

They don’t want to help me. Please hide my ID from judge mental people. I already have the qualities of a witch. I noticed that if you offend me, you will suffer till you ask me for forgiveness.

My boyfriend cheated on me and he had 4 accidents in one day (near miss). He became worried and asked his pastor and he revealed the cos. He came and apologized and everything became normal.

My classmate in secondary school. Offended me one day. I wrote his name on a paper and dropped it at my grandmothers grave. From the next day till I left secondary school, he stopped coming to school. I’ve not set my eyes on him.

Please don’t judge me. Just tell me the school to go to be a pro.”