APC Crises: Group raises alarm over plot by some stakeholders to “buy” court injunction


The APC Youth Development and Solidarity Network has raised alarm over plots by some stakeholders to procure court injunction against the APC Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee under Governor Mai Mala Buni.



The group said a whopping N5 Billion Naira has been earmarked for the purpose.



Speaking at a press conference in Abuja, the group led by


Tobias Ogbeh, Secretary General said the plan  is aimed at causing an uprising within the APC and the country at large in pursuit of an ambition built on deceit and the quest for power through the back door.



Ogbeh said “As we may be aware, some governors within the party have attempted to change the leadership of the APC Caretaker Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee under Governor Mai Mala Buni.



“As despicable as this might sound, there has been an attempt at effecting a change in the leadership of the party, not on the strength of the interest of the party, but in furtherance of a blind ambition towards taking over the party structure through the back door in the buildup to the 2023 general elections.



“We wish to state that we have it on good authority that since the humiliation suffered by the sponsors of the failed leadership change in the party, there have been concerted efforts to use the instrument of the court to achieve their objective of effecting a change in the leadership of the party.



“We wish to inform all APC stakeholders and members of the general public that part of the new plot is to secure a court judgement through the back door that would sack the party’s leadership from office. The scheme, which is heavily funded by a serving Minister and presidential aspirant from the South south , has earmarked close to 5 billion naira for this purpose.



“We have credible information that the overarching plot is to cause an embarrassment to President Muhammadu Buhari, who from all indications was not in support of the leadership change and never gave his blessings as been speculated in the media by the brains behind the despicable plot” he said



Ogbeh also alerted members of the public as well as the security agencies that the sum of 2.5 billion naira has been earmarked as payment for the lawyers  that would initiate the process, as well as reaching out to the willing judge, who would, in turn, be rewarded with the sum of 2. 5 billion naira. The plan is for the judge to give an injunction against the Chairman of the CECPC that would pave the way for a change in the party’s leadership through the back door. Part of the plan is to secretly obtain this order without service on the parties in a way of exparte motion.



“This is unacceptable for a serving Minister  of the APC to lead this plot against a party through which he actualized his ambition of being a Minister for almost 8 years despite the odds against him.



“We wish to use this medium to call all relevant security agencies and anti-corruption agencies to be on the watch out for this despicable plot to undermine democracy. The Nigerian Police, Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, and the Department of State Security should be on alert in this regard as the plot has reached an advanced stage.



“The general public is also encouraged to be on the watch as the manifestation of this plot would gather steam soonest. It is our considered opinion that this Minister and some governors are desperate to secure the court injunction to secure a change in the party’s leadership.



“It remains embarrassing that these governors have elected to throw caution in the wind in pursuing an ambition built on deceit and the incurable quest for power at all cost and not minding whose ox is gored.



“They have carried on like demigods, not minding that they have performed woefully in their various states. To think that they want to impose this malaise on the party is most despicable and should be resisted by all well-meaning members of the APC and the country at large” he added



Ogbeh said the party’s interest must come first, and  Nigerians must come to terms with the stark reality before us to stand up for the truth in the perseverance of the life of the APC as a party of progressive-minded people.



“The general public must be aware of this despicable plot hence this press conference to raise public awareness of the plot to undermine the efforts made by the Mai Mala Buni leadership of the APC.



  1. “We want to use this medium to sound a note of warning to judges and justices in the legal profession to refuse to be used as pawns to truncate the democratic processes in Nigeria. The implication of allowing themselves to be used by some APC governors indeed portends grave danger for the sustenance of democracy in Nigeria. However, we are confident in the judiciary’s integrity to stand for justice and equity” he added