Updated: Nigerian Stanley Obi Set Ablaze By Aussie Ex-Lover Dies In Hospital


Stanley Obi, a Nigerian living in Australia, died in a Brisbane hospital after being set ablaze by his estranged ex-girlfriend.

Stanley Obi, 33, was burned on 90% of his body after his former partner Sarah Mudge doused him and his new lover in gasoline.

At 3 a.m. on Thursday, she set fire to them at their home in New Beith, Brisbane’s southern suburbs.

The estranged couple’s three children were sleeping in the next room and were rescued.

Mudge, 30, died in the fire while a brave neighbor named Al dragged the burning body of the loving father from the wreckage.

He was raced to Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital in a critical condition, but he died just before 10pm on Thursday – leaving their children orphaned.

Mr Obi’s new girlfriend, 30, managed to escape the burning home along with three kids – aged five, three and two, reports Daily Mail.

Stanley Obi’s burned home in New Beith Brisbane Australia
While police are still trying to piece together exactly what transpired in the lead up to the attack, it has been revealed Mudge had been angry about the outcome of a court hearing a day earlier, The Courier Mail reported.

Mudge’s Facebook profile is filled with photos and gushing posts about her children, including one saying her children gave her strength during tough times.

‘When you have no strength left, you have your children, when you are tired they energize you, and when your heart is in mourning they bring joy to your soul. To my babies I thank you for choosing me,’ she wrote.

‘The ones I have now, and the ones I am still waiting for, it is all my heart beats for. I am eternally grateful.’