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“I no longer find you attractive” – Nurse tells boyfriend who sent her to the UK to further her education

Why would you spend such a huge amount of money on a lady with the hope that she will marry you in the future?

As I’ve always suggested, before you lavish huge sums of money on a lady, you must first marry her to avoid trouble and broken heart stories in the future.

Imagine using your resources to support a woman you’ve not married. He is stupid and will surely have learnt his lesson.

A guy Nigerian guy based in the UK has been served with a “breakfast” after a nurse she mobilized funds for to journey out of her home country claims she no longer finds him attractive.

Therefore she deems it necessary to exit the relationship. This sad story was narrated by a Twitter user with the handle name @Akunosiebeka12.

He wrote;

So this my UK friend was supporting his nurse girlfriend in NG to come over to UK, even gave her money for IELTS, and CBT exams, totaling almost a million naira, just to support her dreams of moving to the UK, only for the girl to move to the country, & told my guy that she…

does no longer find him attractive, & that she’d need some space as her priority is now her career. Even when my guy drove almost 4 hours to her house, she couldn’t even offer him a cup of water or anything to eat. Man has been left heartbroken since then. I pity him shall.



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