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‘How to use your ‘Bakassi’ to lure Yoruba men at parties’

Media personality Latasha Ngwube has lectured women, especially those from South East on how to maximally deploy their backsides at wedding events in Lagos.

In the course of her lecture, the OAP and plus-sized model argued an Igbo girl with a large yet attractive ‘backside’ can attract a Yoruba man’s attention at a Lagos wedding party if she can as much as ‘wiggle’ on her seat while making ‘faces’.

She wrote: “As an Igbo girl with a rather large and daresay attractive derrière, there are a few things as amusing and perversely uplifting as being at a Lagos Owambe surrounded by hot blooded Yoruba men just waiting to pounce.”

Continuing, Nwugbe argued any hot-blooded Yoruba man around a lady who does such will respond by spraying her with lots of cash.

“Another thing is as long as you’re willing to even wiggle in your seat while maintaining resting bitch face, you’re getting sprayed with cash. Facts,” she added.

(The Nation)


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