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Money ritual doesn’t work, spirit world has no bank to print money: Babalawo

Oluwo Jogbodo Orunmila, an Ifa priest says the myth of money ritual – an occultic activity that sometimes involve the killing and mutilations of humans – is fictitious and impossible.

In what appears to be a growing campaign against ritual killings disguised as money rituals, the herbalist has condemned the crime on Twitter, describing it as something that only happens in Nollywood.

“For the 100000000times, there is nothing like money rituals. We live in real world not nollywood movies,” Mr Jogbodo tweeted.

In another tweet also on Thursday, he said that the spirit world doesn’t have banks that would have printed paper notes, futher urging people to stop ritual killings.

“The spirit worlds doesn’t have banks that print money and banks here didn’t complain of spirit stealing their money. Stop killing people,” Mr Jogbodo tweeted.

Other Twitter users have agreed with the herbalist, with some alleging that body parts harvested are only sold in organ trafficking black markets.

The arguments about money ritual broke out again following the suspected ritual killing of a lady who was said to be a student of the University of Jos.

According to Twitter user Oyewole Michael, the lady was later identified to be Jennifer Anthony and by the time her body was recovered, parts of it had been mutilated with some others harvested.


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