Oyedepo’s Winners’ Chapel Under Fire For ‘Occultic’ Burying Of 15 Bibles In USA’s Parish Foundation

The Living Faith Church Worldwide (a.k.a. Winners Chapel) led by David Oyedepo, the presiding Bishop, has come under fire after it stated that it buried the bible in 15 different spots of the church’s foundation in Maryland, the United States of America.

Maureen Badejo, a UK-based Nigerian blogger, led the barrage of attacks on the church in her latest YouTube live blog on Tuesday after she played a video of Issac Oyedepo, the Head Pastor of the Winners Chapel, Maryland (USA) branch, who admitted to the act.

According to the video, which was filmed in October 2021, Issac Oyedepo, who is the youngest son of Bishop Oyedepo, told the congregation that the bible replaced pillars initially placed in 15 different spots of the church’s foundation.

He insisted that the church, called the “Faith Dome”, is standing “on the word”.

“We bring to (a) conclusion to our teaching series unveiling the wonders of the world part five. We’ve been looking at the pillar of the word since this month began and you’ll be glad to know that when we were building this glorious dome, we buried the bible in 15 different spots. Everywhere where there was a pillar, when we removed the pillar, we put the word.

“So, this faith dome is standing on the word,” Issac Oyedepo said in the video.

The revelation led to mammoth applause from the congregation.

However, Badejo criticised Bishop Oyedepo and his son over the revelation and described it as unbiblical, saying that she has searched the bible and it was not stated anywhere where such an act was recommended.

According to the controversial blogger, who has had a run-in with the law in the UK, what was buried under the church’s building was not the bible but a mysterious group, calling the act “occultic”.

She said: “When they did the foundation of the new ark, I showed everybody (what they did). And now, they went to America, in America, they were there to go and bury the bible.

“How are we sure that it is the bible that they buried? And I’m asking all of you, I’ve asked you, can you put it here, anywhere in the bible they laid the foundation of a new church and they buried 15 bibles? He said it with his mouth.

“You see, when you see this type of thing, Hosea 4:6 said: ‘My people perish because of lack of knowledge,’ and it said if you lack knowledge or understanding, you should go and seek for it. So, go and pick your bible, study to show yourself approved. My brother, my sister, I’ve searched the bible and I did not see anywhere (it was written).

“Anywhere you see this type of thing, it’s occultic, Illuminati, whatever. When you see them they bury the bible and most of the time, it’s not the bible they bury; it’s a kind of mystery book.”

Badejo also lambasted Issac Oyedepo for equating the church’s annual Siloh programme to the level and power of God via his description: the “God of Shiloh”, instead of mentioning God or Jesus Christ.

She also slammed the younger Oyedepo for claiming that the church had the power to perform miracles and heal people of serious ailments after he narrated the story of one “brother Victor”, who claimed that he tested positive for the Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in 2020 and his test result suddenly turned negative in October 2021.

The said Victor, the younger Oyedepo said, claimed he was healed after “attending Covenant Hour of prayer every day”, “came for the pre-Shiloh service” and “partook of the communion.”

“What’s the difference between what they do (and others). These are people that abuse the Celestial Church of Christ o, Cherubim and Seraphim, that they perform rituals. But now, they themselves do the same thing,” Badejo added.

The blogger’s video and comments elicited a deluge of reactions on her blog, as many commenters expressed support for the opinions she expressed and questioned the rationale behind the act of the younger Oyedepo.

Below are some of the reactions made by subscribers to her blog and commenters:

D Brown: “​C’mon folks, stop being so gullible and undiscerning. People who bury the Bible do not consider the Bible to be the word of the Lord. To them, the Bible is some spiritual, power-packed misery book.”

The Chosen one: “When you know the truth it will set you free. A lot of people don’t know the truth. What a merciful and patient God.”

Tobi: “He didn’t say the Word of God is their foundation, he said “it may interest you to know that we buried the Bible in 15 different spots…”

Victorious God Channel​: “This means they bury the WORD and Jesus is the WORD. This is an empty church.”


Ose Baba: “​This is how they deceive people and some will become reckless and think Winners/ oledepo can cure HiV and they will not take proper precautions.”

Temini Smith: “​Why did the father and mother come to London for treatment if they have the power wicked generation.”

Daughter Zion​: “I have no doubt God can do anything but it should not be connected to shiloh or whatever.”

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