The World Portrays Women As Weaker Vessels, It Is Wrong – Uche Ogbodo

Nollywood Actress, Uche Ogbodo Has Debunked The Popular Notion That Women Are Weaker Vessels. The Actress Noted That It Is A Wrong Perception. According To Her She Doesn’t Believe Women Are Weak

Ogbodo Who Spoke On The Joy Of Motherhood In An Interview Said: “I Am Happy That I Have Used My Life To Teach Some Lessons Because The Characters I Portray In Movies Are Real.

“I See Myself As An Advocate For Women Because I Empower Them To Be The Best Of Themselves.

“Wherever They Find Themselves, I Tell Them To Keep Their Heads Up. They Should See Themselves As Strong, Not Weak. The World Portrays Women As The ‘Weaker Vessels’. I Don’t Believe Women Are Weak.

“Instead, I See Them As Strong And I Encourage Us (Women) To Always Be What We Truly Are. Don’t Think That It’s A Man’s World; It’s A Woman’s World Too.”

Ogbodo Said That Though Being A Career Mum Could Be Stressful, It Is Also An Enjoyable Experience.

“Motherhood Is Beautiful And It Is Actually A Two-Way Thing. It Is Fulfilling Because Of The Blessings That One Has With One’s Kids. When One Wakes Up Every Day And Sees One’s Kids Around One, It Is A Beautiful Experience.

“But Its Challenging Side Is The Stress, Especially If One Is A Career Mum. It Is Fun But Stressful.

“Sometimes, One Could Break Down And Cry But If One Remembers All The Beautiful Memories That One Creates Every Day With One’s Children And The Love That Surrounds One, It Fills All The Gaps And Makes One Happy Again.”

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