Woman Sent Out Of A Café In Abuja For Wearing A Hijab

A woman, Azeezat Yishawu, has said she was sent out of a café in Abuja for wearing a hijab.

Narrating her ordeal on Twitter, Yishawu explained that she went to Crush Café in the Gwarinpa Area of Abuja to meet up with an acquaintance.

According to her, after going through the security checks with a security guard at the gate, she got into the café, sat down and ordered a mocktail while waiting for her acquaintance. However, the security person who searched her bag earlier approached her and told her people dressed like her are not allowed there.

“He told me, people who dressed the way I do weren’t allowed here. I asked if this was a club and he said no! That is because they sell alcohol,” Yishawu said.

Her dressing, Yishawu said she was informed, was seen as offensive by some customers due to a recent clash with Shiite members in the community. She said she was asked to leave because her dressing was representative of the clash involving Shiite Muslims.

After she shared the incident online, there was outrage and the owner of the café, identified simply as Mr Idris, who is a Muslim, responded.

He apologized and said that he is a core Muslim and the café rules do not prohibit Muslims from visiting.

“I’m the CEO of CrushCafe and seeing all that has been trending in respect to my company is so disheartening.

“I’m a core Muslim and I will never discriminate or slander my own religion,” he wrote.

Idris added that everyone in his organisation involved in the incident will be identified and dealt with accordingly.

“I can most assure everyone that all the person’s who were involved in taking all decisions that escalated an issue that could have been better and properly managed will be dealt with accordingly,” he said.

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  1. Such cafe either crush or whatever must be boycotted by any real Muslim around that axis bcoz the so called idris is either a liar or hired impersonator bcoz no Muslim sell alcohol.. whoever selling alcohol and think he’s a Muslim is just deceiving him or herself.


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