Siblings Refuse To Bury Brother Who Abandoned Them, Squandered His Wealth When Alive

Seven Kenyan siblings have refused to bury their brother who died two years ago.

They argued that he squandered his wealth while he was alive and abandoned them.

According to The Standard, Clement Kariuki Kiraihira died in 2019 at the age of 69, and since then, his body has been lying at the Consolata Mathari Hospital mortuary in Nyeri.

His brothers and sisters maintained that they have disowned his body, like he abandoned them when he was alive.

The said the man sold his entire inherited land and squandered the huge proceeds with a woman whom they only knew was from Meru.

“Our father had directed that he (Karimi) should not get an inch of the remaining land. He had sold his land and misused the money,” one of his sisters, 53-year-old Beatrice Ngima, said.

Ngima stressed that their father had warned the deceased against selling his share of land to non-relatives, but he ignored him and did the exact opposite.

Kiraihira’s siblings believe that he does not deserve a decent burial, and are not ready to use their hard-earned money for his internment.

The sister added that despite calls by the hospital and local administrators for them to bury him, they believe he is a government child and should be buried by the state.

Another sibling, Ann Wahito, 50, reiterated that their brother detached himself from them.

“I am a widow and cannot afford to bury him. The government should take up the matter and bury him,” she said.

The siblings have defied all orders from the government and the hospital to bury the deceased, with the mortuary bill now said to have hit more than half a million.

According to the family, the man received his share of land in the Lusoi settlement in the 1970s, and soon started to sell the parcels of land to every willing buyer.

While alive, Kiraihira frequently visited entertainment spots in Nyeri and nearby counties.

He had a woman from Meru with whom he enjoyed the money.

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