My Daughter Won’t Marry A Poor Man, Says Bill Gates

Billionaire and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, has said he will not allow his daughter to marry a poor man.

The billionaire businessman made this known while attending a conference on Investment and Finance in the United States recently.

He asked if Gates, as one of the world’s richest men, would accept his daughter to marry a poor or modest man.

The answer Gates gave, however, shocked everyone.

He said: “First, understand that wealth does not mean having a well-filled bank account.

“Wealth is primarily the ability to create wealth.

“Example, someone who wins the lottery or gambling. Even winning 100 million is not a rich man: he’s a poor man with a lot of money, that’s why 90 per cent of lottery millionaires go back to being poor after five years.

“You also have rich people who can’t afford it. For example, most entrepreneurs

“They are already in the way of wealth, even if they don’t have money, because they are developing their financial intelligence and that’s wealth.

“How are the rich and the poor different?

“To be simple: The rich can die to become rich, while the poor can kill to stay.

“If you see a young man who decides to graduate, learn new things, trying to improve continually, know that he is a rich man.

“If you see a young man who thinks the problem is the state, and thinks the rich are all thieves and constantly criticize, know that he is a poor man.

“The rich are convinced that they only need information and training to take off, the poor think others should give money for them to take off.

“In conclusion, when I say my daughter is not going to marry a poor man, I’m not talking about money. I’m talking about this man’s ability to create wealth.”

He added: “Sorry for what I’m going to say, but most criminals are poor people. When they are in front of money they lose their minds that’s why they steal, rob etc…

“To them, that’s grace, because they don’t know how they themselves could make money.

“One day, a bank vigilante found a bag full of money, took the bag and went to deliver it to the bank manager.

People called this gentleman an idiot, but actually, this gentleman was just a rich man who had no money.

“One year later, the bank offered him a receptionist position, three years later he was in charge of clients and 10 years later, he manages the regional branch of that bank. He manages hundreds of employees and their annual bonuses are beyond the value he could have stolen.

“Wealth is first a state of mind my friend.”

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