Biafra: We Lost a Man but Destroyed a Platoon Before Retreating – BNG 

…Says No Going Back on Oct 30 Independence Re-declaration.
The Biafran National Guard [BNG] has refuted reports that its leader, General Innocent Orji has gone into hiding and the re-declaration of Biafra sovereignty stipulated for October 30th 2021 has been suspended.
In an exclusive chat with Sunbight Media, the Deputy Head of BNG, Colonel Gabriel Onwukwe, described the report as malicious and false.
He stated that his men came under attack while returning from a mission and met a stiff resistance from the Nigerian Army which resulted in casualties from both sides, the Nigerian forces bearing the most he claimed.
Continuing, he said they had to retreat because the Nigerian forces had more reinforcements which his men couldn’t withstand due to the dwindling of their armaments.
He said “God forbid that BNG shall flee from the terrorists Nigerian armed forces and never to return,”
“We are trained to retreat but never to surrender and I promise we shall be back for them and never stop until we rout them from every corner of Biafran territories. They claimed one of my men was killed but did they tell you we destroyed their first platoon and they had to call up reinforcement?” he added.
Colonel Gabriel Onwukwe emphasized that the re-declaration of Biafra sovereignty shall go on as stipulated at its headquarters in Nsukka on October 30, 2021.
The Deputy Head of BNG stated that General Innocent Orji is hale and hearty and working assiduously in preparation for the re-hoisting of the Biafran flag and re-declaration of Biafra sovereignty.

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