100-year-old Woman Confesses To Killing Siblings, Family Members With Witchcraft

Gogo Celepra Nyakwangwa, a 100-year-old woman, has revealed how she killed 10 siblings and other family members with witchcraft in Zimbabwe.

According to local reports, the woman, who lives in saunyama suburb, confessed after she was taken to Sekuru Shigirai Mukotsanjera, a popular traditional healer on witchcraft and other spiritual attacks in Nyanga village.

The reports say when Nyakwangwa was put into medicinal process, she confessed that she killed her family members as revenge for the livestock they took away from her.

Her son, Johannes, said he felt relieved with the confession, but the pain of losing loved ones still lingers.

The woman requested for cattle as compensation for the animals that were taken from her.

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