I Just Discovered My Wife’s Past, How She Lived Her Life While On Campus

Anger And Vengeance Is Taking The Best Part Of Me

Please, Post For Me.

Sorry to disturb your peace but this has been going on in my mind for long and I really need suggestions on how to overcome it. I gave in to ire/anger and it’s gradually taking the best part of me since I made a little discovery about my wife’s past and how she lived her life while in the campus. I will try and make it as snappy as possible in order not to make you spend much of your time on my case.

Now, it goes this way, my wife came from a middle class family and she attended one of the best and prestigious higher institutions in the country, they’re not too rich and they’re not poor, infact, their family name can’t be in the same sentence with poverty. She had everything she needed and lived her life to the fullest while in the campus, she flirted with and dated the best guys in the campus, she visited many night clubs and other exuberant and flamboyant life style that pertains to the campus.

Now on my own part, I attended one of the Colleges of Education that littered our country,
I did everything all by myself, I sponsored myself throughout my stay in the college, I did all manner of odd jobs to survive, sometimes, I would miss lectures due to lack of cash, no one to assist, all these limitations made me not to pay attention towards the opposite sex as I was busy struggling to survive and hoping unto God for a miracle.

Right now, all I am feeling is anger, ire, all I want now is vengeance knowing fully well that while I was suffering and struggling to survive, fasting without praying, carrying bricks and block from one floor to the other, jumping from one market to the other hawking my wares, that my wife was busy somewhere enjoying and partying away her future, right now, I want to have my revenge, I want to live those life that I wasn’t opportune to live, I want to flirt and have fun with many ladies both young and old, I want to visit as many night clubs as possible now that money is flowing in, I careless about the consequences and how she may feel, these are exactly what I’m feeling now.

this can’t keep troubling me that’s why I brought it here for suggestions and elderly advice.

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