The Earlier Igbos Leave Nigeria, The Better, Says Chiwetalu Agu

Chiwetalu Agu, veteran Nollywood actor, has said it would be better for Igbos to split from Nigeria.

Agu said this days after he was freed by the Department of State Services (DSS).

He was arrested last week in Onitsha, Anambra State, while wearing an outfit associated with the proscribed group, Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB)

Speaking in an online interview with Broadway TV on his support for Biafra, the actor said “the earlier Igbos leave Nigeria, the better”.

He revealed that he was not in any way brutalised by the army when he was arrested.

Giving details about his arrest, he stated that his regalia did not in any way connect to Biafra, Eastern Security Network (ESN) and IPOB.

The actor maintained that his regalia stood for the rising sun, which according to him, meant that people would rise from their former state to something better.

“I finished shooting and was driving through Onitsha. I dropped somebody. Usually, Nigeria has this poverty that has gone down below national, natural and proper level. So, those who were hungry gathered and I was buying them bread. I bought up to N10,000 worth of bread when some junior soldiers came to scatter them, shoot in the air,” he said.

“I was calm, it was nothing to me. It’s not to day I started seeing guns and bullets… What it was, was rising sun, not ESN, not Biafra, not the other one, IPOB. It was just about rising sun, I sew the cloth… Ojukwu propagated rising sun, that when we leave Nigeria, we will be rising sun as a symbol. People like to progress, they don’t like to stay at a level.

“Government has not done anything for the Igboman; are they in Kogi State, Sokoto, are they in America, are they in London, they are making it. I’m proud to be an Igboman.

“The earlier we split, the better, because do you agree with me that the percentage of Fulani, Buhari’s people in the workforce of all our ministries, department and agencies, are 98 per cent. Do you agree with me? The Igboman has nothing, Yorubaman second fiddle, Ortom and Benue are in turmoil…”

Listen to the interview below:

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