Anti corruption group uncovers fraud in Arabic Commission


Investigations have revealed the stinking corruption in the National Board for Arabic and Islamic Studies, Kaduna under the leadership of the registrar of the board, Prof. Muhammed Shafiu Abdullahi.

Convener, Anti curruption network Initiative, Solomon Semaka revealed in a press statement in Abuja.

He maintenaned that the Prof. Muhammed Shafiu Abdullahi mafia styled administration of the board, has drained the finances of the board without any significant project to match the budget of billions allocated to it annually, and set it on an imminent path  of failure.

The group alleged, Prof. Muhammed Shafiu Abdullahi defrauded the board with illegal award of contracts to family members and close allies.

It was also learnt that his fraudulent activities extend to all areas of the board, as staff are not spared when it comes to the torturing and denial of their entitlement worthy of note is ‘ the 33% of their annual salary due to staff for exams supervision has never been paid since 2018 ” Staff have been frustrated as they , resort to use personal resources for logistics  during trainings and other official engagements.

‘Prof Muhammed Abdullahi hurriedly conducted recruitment exercise in the past to cover up irregularities in in the boards records”  staff salaries and other claims as reflected in the boards financial records remain contradicted” the group maintained.

Thanks to the introduction of the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS), and the subsequent migration of the organizations staff Information and payroll to IPPIS. These discrepancies have further exposed the corrupt activities of Prof. Muhammed Shafiu Abdullahi

“Some staff of the organization have confirmed to us that, money meant for the payment of staff salaries  released before the migration to IPPIS never got to them, despite Muhammed Shafiu receiving same”

‘ Whenever some of the staff raised the issue, they were always threatened with termination of their employment as Prof. Shafiu has always handled the board as a personal family business.

A source also confirmed Muhammed Shafiu Abdullahi bragging that, with his godfather, the Honourable Minister of Education, Dr. Adamu Adamu and other highly placed Nigerians within the Buhari government, he is immune from any form of probe and prosecution. This brings President Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign into questioning.  If President Buhari acclaimed war on corruption is anything to go by, Muhammed Shafiu Abdullahi should be in the jail by now. One of the staff stated.

Also, in the same vein, sources very close to Muhammed Shafiu Abdullahi further said that, he boasted of not being perturbed because, he has successfully sorted his godfather and all those relevant agencies that may have the capacity to probe him on the numerous petitions written against him by numerous civil society organisations.

“Prof. Muhammed Shafiu Abdullahi shortchanged  the staff of the board and the Federal Government of Nigeria by allegedly looting funds meant for the development of the board  through contract racketeering and job sales. It is on record how he employed his children, in-laws and close relatives in  the board” 

The group further revealed that some of his children only resigned recently as a result of questions being raised in some quarters, while they have been linked to the companies handling unexecuted  contracts in the board.

Some staff of  NBAIS, during the investigation process who also spoke to us on  condition of anonymity expressed regret over the activities of Prof. Muhammed Shafiu Abdullahi and has also pledged to support with information through the entire process not minding if they lose their jobs in the process.

We maitain that it is preposterous for the education sector to be controlled by evil people in the society as they don’t care for the numerous lives their perverted nature affects negatively. The situation if left to fester will encourage crime in our society. A situation where a corrupt person is allowed at the helm of affairs of such a vital office without a proper judicial inquiry is utterly disheartening and does not project Nigeria and our education system in good light.” Semaka maintained.

A man whom has claimed to be a religious and supposedly community leader has gone so low in curruption and it’s  unbearable for us a civil society organization.

It is interesting to note that we have written to the board for clarifications on the glaring evidences we got from our investigation, however, they have kept mum which is a proof that all the points listed out cannot be disputed.

 Prof. Muhammadu shafiu has being in  acting capacity as registrar of the board for about 5 years now and nothing to show for the so much funds at the boards disposal.

Like earlier mentioned, Muhammadu Shafiu has time without number told the staff how he will remain as acting registrar for as long as his Godfather, the minister for Education, Dr. Adamu Adamu remains the minister of Education.

To this, we are calling on all our sister organizations and other well-meaning Nigerians around the country to come out in mass and join us as we march to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) and the Presidential Villa as we call for the removal of the corrupt Registrar.

President Buhari anti curruption war can not be sabbotaged by one man and his godfather.

This are the people giving reasons to opposition elements to disrupt President Buhari administration. 

We will not fold our arms to watch this happen. The group maintained. All nigerians should turn out enmass to join the planned protest for the registrar’s sack with immediate effect.