If You Have Opportunity To Leave Nigeria, Do So – Former DG Of Bureau Of Public Sector Reform, Joe Abah


Young Nigerans have been advised to leave the country if they have an opportunity to do so.

Former Director-General of Bureau of Public Sector Reform, Dr Joe Abah made the call in some tweets, he shared.

Abah recounted seeing a clear path on how he could own a car, buy a house and build a career when he arrived the UK but couldn’t see such in Nigeria. He also advised those who want to return to Nigeria, to do so by choice.

He tweeted;

Moving abroad the 1st time, I didn’t watch any in-flight movie. My eyes were firmly on the flight display. As soon as we left Nigeria, I made the sign of the Cross. When we left Africa, I whispered “Alleluia! If this plane does emergency landing now, it won’t be in Africa sha!”

It’s true that when I got to the UK for the first time, I thought “Is this all?” However, I could see a clear path to how I could own a car, buy a house and build a career. I couldn’t see that path as a young man in Nigeria. I still don’t see it for many young Nigerians now.

In your youth, you should japa if you want to and have an opportunity to do so. Get the basics, like a car, a house, a 90-inch TV and a bad bad sound system. Build your CV there & show them you are a determined Naija person. If, later, you want to come back, it’ll be by choice.