Prophecy: Christians, Muslims Alerted As Magu’s ‘Pastor’ Says Sect “Worse Than Boko Haram” To Attack Southern Nigeria


Founder of the Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries International, Abuja, Prophet Dr. Emmanuel Omale, has prophetically declared that another terrorist group (apart from Boko Haram) might attack Southern Nigeria in 2021, thereby setting Christians and Muslims into another dimension of strife.

The cleric, in his predictions made available to SPY NIGERIA on Sunday, however,stressed that the essence of prophecy is to among other things, draw people to the Almighty God.

Recall that the Presidential Committee on Audit of Recovered Assets (constituted by the President Muhammadu Buhari administration) had in 2020, indicted Omale in its probe of the embattled former acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Ibrahim Magu.

It had alleged that Magu used Omale’s bank accounts to launder funds overseas.

But the said bank, the First City Monument Bank, had on August 22, exonerated the cleric adding that “we feel it is in the public interest to state emphatically that there was no transfer of N573m into this account, mistakenly or otherwise.”

The cleric, who seems to have moved on with his ministerial assignment, also stated that God was preparing Nigeria to be a global medical solution centre.

Of a particular note , Omale advised federal government to invest in the country’s health practitioners as they would play crucial role in the development of a vaccine for the deadly Coronavirus.

Furthermore, he emphasized that Nigeria’s political leaders should have faith its local contents, especially the Nigerian citizens whom God has set apart to perform a medical miracle.

Other predictions made by the cleric include a paradigm shift in Nigeria’s political sector, a need for the president to listen to Nigerians and major shocks here and there.

Below is the prophetic statement:

“2020 was a challenging year and because of Christ’s love for us, we survived it in spite of pervading insecurity and the covid-19 pandemic.

“I am here once more to share with you what God Almighty has shown me, may happen in 2021.

“In the book of Isaiah, God told King Hezekiah that he should put his house in order as he would die from the ailment he was suffering from, but Hezekiah cried unto God, and 15 years were added to his life.

“This means that predicting the future should not be an invitation to entertain fear, since God can also use it as an opportunity to have us enjoy a better relationship with him, as the future can be remolded into a better and joyful outcome.

The first quarter of 2021 will be very worrisome; government should invest more in the health sector to avoid calamities. Nigeria will have drugs for all diseases
if the federal government would invest in doctors and pharmacists.
The current Covid-19 vaccine will not be as effective as expected, but an improvement will be found and many will be saved.
Until then, many need to give their lives to Jesus, as only his healing grace will be sufficient.
I see Nigeria becoming a health solution to other countries. Let Nigeria produce her own drug. Let us listen to ourselves and believe in ourselves.
I see herbs being a thriving solution to health problems.
The value of the Naira against major foreign currencies will see an incremental dip. Business men are advised to invest wisely.
A new set of Military and Police Chiefs are set to emerge.
The current leadership of the Senate may witness turbulence.
About three members of the National Assembly should get closer to God and avail themselves of special prayers, as the ailment they know they are currently suffering from may take their lives towards the middle of September.
A new sect that will disguise as herdsmen is seeking to cause more havoc worse than Boko Haram; their aim will be to pitch the predominantly Christian south against their peaceful Muslim brothers.
The security agencies need to up their surveillance around markets and places of worship in southern Nigeria.
Let us pray to avert a terrible fire incident on the bridge in Lokoja.
2021 is not a good year for road transportation, but the beloved of Christ have nothing to fear.
A mysterious disease may spring out in one of the north-western states, and needs to be promptly managed as it could be worse than ebola.
The weather in 2021 may see a lot of flooding; many farmlands and homes will be washed away.
Prayers are required to avert an early morning plane mishap in our airports.

A Federal Minister will be removed because of an unmanageable corruption exposure and this will lead to a minor cabinet reshuffle.
A Southwest Governor requires prayers to avert death in his household.
A former Minister from the South-south needs special prayers to avoid a mysterious accident that may take his life suddenly.
A Prominent presidential hopeful should pray against poisoning.
A well-known power broker from the northwest requires special prayers to survive a chronic ailment.
A renowned business mogul from the southwest needs special prayers to avert death.
A young female entertainment star requires fervent prayers to avert tragedy in her life.
A prominent football star will need prayers to avert quick death from a mysterious sickness.

God is saying the government should be calm with the masses in 2021.
I see 2021 as a year in which a lot of individuals will be coming out to challenge the government.
In all this, the government must play the role of a father and a mother.
In 2021 God wants everybody to put their hope and trust in Him.
In 2021 people should develop themselves and acquire skills or handwork, and also have multiple sources of income.
In 2021 I see a lot of women making it big, financially.
Men are encouraged to support their wives and sisters financially when the need arises, to enable them to stand.
There will be many laws pronounced by the federal government that will not favour people
In 2021 we shall see people that will start putting themselves in the place of God, but God will disgrace them
The Body of Christ shall get stronger.
What the western world thinks will happen in Nigeria will not happen. Nigeria is a blessed and covenant country, and is preserved by God.
There are many solutions in Nigeria; that is why the enemy is fighting our unity.
Finally, as Nigerians we must speak positively concerning our home country, for the power of life and death is in the tongue. We should speak only what we want to see; we should never confess negativity.”