Group Calls On Aggrieved Community Of  Delta State To Follow Rule Of Law


The Save Humanity Advocacy Centre (SHAC) has charged the aggrieved community of Idumuje Ugboko of Aniocha North Local Government  Area of Delta State to follow the rule of law.

The group in a report compiled following some tour of the community said in humanitarian considerations and the temple of justice, equity and fairness, it’s very crucial and expedient that all warring factions follow the rule of law. 

SHAC in its findings presented to the media in Abuja by its Executive Secretary, Ibrahim Abubakar  said, “It is however regrettable, that in this matter, although concerted efforts were made in other to obtain a comprehensive all side hearing, the said assumed King – Prince Nonso Nwoko was not interviewed for this report.

” SHAC hopefully awaits his side of the divide as we call for humanity sake that he speaks out so as to attain formidable peace in his domain with all lovers of peace.

“As earlier stated, one of the cardinal inspiration to setting out on this course of investigation was to ascertain the magnitude of those for peace as against those for non-peace in the community, it was clearly audible in the summations of the respondents,  that over 98% of the community populace are in support of peace, growth and development in their community for very obvious reasons.

“The cry for justice, equity, fair treatment and peace is also unanimous as a needed approach for suiting aggrieved nerves as a result of the crisis.

“The wanton destruction of lives and property is an evil menace no sane human wishes to experience or be ascribed to be progenitor/propagator of. Hence the utter need for absolute sober reflection and restraint by all concerned for peace to prevail.

Conclusively, our investigation brought to the fore these factors,” the group said.

According to the report, the group said they are committed to raising the very least in the community towards ensuring every human gets the basic necessities of life.

The group said it is ready to be the voice of the voiceless in every society across the globe which necessitated the need to seek for the attainment of peace and justice in this naturally peaceful community.

They also urged all stakeholders to embrace the University and golf course project and see it as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

”The entire community should be their brother’s keeper, by reporting any suspicious clandestine activities and persons involved to appropriate authorities. And must not be part and parcel to any conspiracy, rumor peddling and falsification of facts and truth which could be inimical to the lasting peace process pursued in the community” the group in said in the report.