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EXPOSED: CATE reveals France role in Boko Haram’s Operations

The Coalition Against Terrorism and Extremism (CATE) has cautioned France that its damage and sponsorship of Boko Haram/ISWAP exercises in Nigeria represents a danger to the nation’s power.

CATE made this known in an open letter marked by its National Co-ordinator, Gabriel Onoja, on Monday and tended to to France Ambassador to Nigeria, Jérôme Pasquier.

As indicated by Onoja, the European country nearby its former settlements are baffling Nigeria’s counter-fear based oppression endeavors over the unrefined petroleum and mineral stores found in the Lake Chad Basin.

“We chose to pen down this open epistle to you and by suggestion, the French Government to communicate our profound worries over some presumed improvements, activities or inactions by the administration of your nation in the putrefying Boko Haram and Islamic State West Africa Province (ISWAP) psychological oppression in Nigeria, especially in the Northeast area,” Onoja composed in the interest of CATE.

“We dare present that wittingly, Nigeria’s war against psychological oppression is enormously hampered for absence of sufficient participation or inside and out harm of its endeavors by her neighboring nations, the previous settlements of France.

” The approach is to keep the Lake Chad Basin zone for all time unbound for Nigeria to be not able to set out on raw petroleum prospecting on its own side of the Lake Chad and genuine limits; while similar assets are wrongfully or subtly tapped by accomplices in this criminal cartel.”

CATE said it is disillusioned with France’s “tepid stance” to psychological militant exercises, including that the nation’s quietness is an indication of blame.

The gathering reviewed how the French bombed partnership with its ex-provinces nearly risked Nigeria’s advancement and the European country’s disappointment to prosecute eight of its nationals battling on Boko Haram since 2017.

“In 2017, France sorted out a security highest point to talk about Boko Haram. Furthermore, months after the fact, it propelled the G5 Sahel Force at a gathering with French President Emmanuel Marcon in participation along with pioneers of Niger, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, and Burkina Faso. Not long after the French Summit on Boko Haram, leftovers of the order which got away from Nigeria into Niger and Chad bobbed back more grounded to dispatch assaults on Nigeria,” Onoja expressed.

“There were solid signs that the Nigerian Military annihilated Boko Haram to approach rout in 2017. However, inquisitively, the faction resurged out of nowhere after the development of G5 Sahel Force, and with assaults from their places of refuge in France’s previous provinces, yet not a murmur was gotten notification from the French Government as censure.

“Unusually as well, Nigeria’s local army battling Boko Haram  known as the Civilian JTF, Internally Displaced Persons and a few overcomers of Boko Haram attacks  conceded through onlookers stories the  airdrop of provisions to the fear mongers over Nigeria’s outskirts with her francophone neighbors of Cameroon, Chad and Niger, an infringement of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy specifications endorsed  by all part states.

“A few security specialists and investigators just as insight reports have fingered Chad and Niger as offering travel courses through their nations’ fringes for the development of huge reserve of arms and ammo to Boko Haram radicals. It is the weapons supplies that encourage Boko Haram monstrosities in Nigeria, however France is dubiously quiet over the advancement by her previous provinces.

“CATE is likewise worried that the French Government wouldn’t indict eight French nationals battling on Boko Haram and were ‘erroneously’ captured by Cameroonian powers in 2015.‎ The serving French Foreign Minister around then, Mr. Lauren Fabuci requested Cameroun to move the suspects to France for assumed arraignment. Yet, from that point, the suspects are not known to have been exposed to any preliminary by the French Government in repudiation of worldwide laws on counter-fear mongering.”

“Even with these reliable commendable claims in open area, the quiet of France isn’t brilliant or potentially, an assent of blame. Accordingly, we write to look for clarifications to these claims on France’s supposed complicity in supporting psychological warfare in Nigeria.  The quietness of France is the explanation specialists are holding unequivocally to the decision that France is behind Boko Haram fear mongering in Nigeria. ”

CATE, nonetheless, cautioned France to stop the quiet and truly bolster Nigeria to flush out of Boko Haram remainders for the “most extreme advantages to residents of the two nations who share close fondness that goes back to centuries  to conclusively cooperate to crush Boko Haram fear mongering”.

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