Fake Activists, Sponsors of Boko Haram Deserve To Be Jailed For Life


The Citizens Against Fake Activists (CAFA) has approached the National Assembly to revise the country’s enemy of fear enactment to hand out stiffer punishments, for example, passing by hanging to counterfeit activists and other people who help and abet psychological warfare.

CAFA said it reached this resolution after completely assessing the continuous war against psychological warfare in the north-east and other security breaks the nation over.

In an announcement marked by its Director, Media and Strategy, Joseph Audu, on Thursday, CAFA said these people and gatherings are as of now attacking the endeavors of the soldiers, giving insight, calculated and vital help to psychological oppressors that are escaping the continuous military surge.

As per these residents, if this is done, the Nigerian Army would now be able to continue to clear out the leftovers of Boko Haram/ISWAP fear based oppressors.

On its part, in any case, CAFA pledged to uncover these activists working for the enthusiasm of outside governments while likewise supporting the sponsorship of a bill to change the psychological warfare act.

Peruse full proclamation underneath:

Following a very long time of assessing the continuous war against fear mongering in the north-east and other security breaks the nation over, Citizens Against Fake Activists (CAFA), has arrived at the resolution that the time has come to correct the country’s enemy of dread enactment to convey stiffer punishments on those that guide and abet psychological oppression.

We consider this to be the following legitimate advance since the warrior psychological oppressor components have been to a great extent contained and managed since the Chief of Army Staff (COAS), Lt. gen T.Y. Buratai got dug in the war front. The fear mongers currently show for the most part in different structures that place them past the domain of the military, such as acting like activists to heave psychological oppressor promulgation in the media and on the web or attacking the counter dread war by giving insight, calculated and vital help to psychological militants that are escaping the progressing military invasion.

The National Assembly should in this manner wake up to its duty and be proactive to correct the Terrorism (Prevention) (Amendment) Act, 2013 to endorse demise by hanging for anybody that bolsters Boko Haram in any capacity, including those that take cover behind the terminology of activists to offer help to psychological oppressors and the individuals who plot with outside substances to sabotage the national enthusiasm of Nigeria.

When the enactment is so altered, CAFA is prepared to uncover activists working for the enthusiasm of remote governments and those that go about as channel for such interests to pipe backing to Boko Haram individuals or different psychological oppressors.

It is our view that in the event that they can be insensitive to the point of attacking Nigeria for outside interests and help them to engage Boko Haram then they ought to likewise be prepared to get what is coming to them as repercussion for their bad form. They ought to be prepared to get the sort of capital punishment passed on to that Iranian who took an interest in the reconnaissance that executed that nation’s top general as of late.

We ask the Federal Government to plainly make a point that it will no longer endure residents who get remote subsidizing to extort the nation. These blackmailers had in the past caused the administration challenges in purchasing weapons to arraign the counter dread war, hose troops resolve and advanced Boko Haram over the power of the Nigerian state.

These sorts of practices pull in capital punishment in numerous locales, and it is time that Nigeria lined up with nations that have the most extreme disincentive for fear monger supporters. Individuals who take part in acts that straightforwardly or by implication deny others of their lives don’t have the right to live as well and it is time this message is made boisterous and clear.

At the point when individuals who release dread on others are made to move to their own music then we would as a nation conquer the poisonousness of Boko Haram, ISWAP, Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN), Indigenous People of Biafra (IPoB) groups of radicals and the human misfortunes they visit on the country. CAFA is in this way encouraging the essential revisions be made to guarantee that the individuals who continue holding any type of connection with these gatherings will be made to keep dates with the executioner.

As a show of its promise to quick track the way toward revising the enactment to endorse capital punishment for fear monger supporting pseudo activists, CAFA vows to lead the route through the sponsorship of a bill to alter the psychological warfare act where residents that advance psychological oppression will get more serious allegations than the psychological oppressors themselves.