This is serious,a young rich lady based in Abuja has written relationship expert

Stephen Unoroh who is the anchor of Getting It Right With Unoroh, to complain about her husband who is set to divorce her because she does not have big :”yansh:”

According to her the husband suddenly woke up and complained that she is not his specifications because she does not have big YANSH.

See message below…

Getting it right with Unoroh i hope you treat my letter as urgent and publish so i can end this my frustration.

I am a native of Adamawa state and i am just 18 years and come from a royal family.At about June last year my dad who is a very wealthy merchant decided to betroth me to his friends son.

Initially i refused the idea at this particular level of civilization telling my dad that i rather considered suicide than allow such to happen.My mum who happens to be my fathers’s only wife appealed to me and said the young man in question was very handsome and also from a very rich home,she promised me that he would take care of me and give me the good things of life,saying how marriage would cement the relationship of the long time friendship.

So i started falling in love with my prince charming. All trough the time we dated he was so nice and took me to Dubai for our wedding shopping.

We spent our honeymoon in Qatar and had an awesome experience.

But all these love suddenly changed two months into the marriage when my husband finally told me he wants a divorce that i am not his specifications and i should park out of the house before the week runs out.

He said i don’t have big yansh and initially he felt he could manage and endure .

Now he says he cant live without a BIG YANSH by his side.He has informed his father of his decision and also my dad.

Please what do i do ? do i refuse him the divorce or i should just let go and find my Mr right after-all i am very rich myself .

Please treat as urgent.

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