Osun Security – Mr Governor Rising To The Occasion

In the last few months, the peaceful ambience of the state of Osun has had to contend with issues in the security environment owing to the very alien activities of kidnappers and armed robbers.

This is not unusual, as every human society anywhere in the world will regularly contend with issue of threat to it’s security as such situation could manifest in various dimensions.

The most worrisome and appalling is antics of some excitable and unpatriotic third columnists, particularly on the unaccountable social media, peddling rumours and blowing falsehood out of proportion, causing fear and apprehension that could prevent would be visitors to the state.

Though, the government was/is very displeased with the few unfortunate breaches recorded during this period, but it never lost sleep as the government, under the supervision of the. Governor, Mr Gboyega Oyetola went to the drawing board to reappraise the security architecture of the state which attained stable status in the last eight years.

Just this year, two different summits have been held under the watch of Mr Governor. All stakeholders in the artisanal gold mining adventure in Ijesa/Ile Ife axis were invited to the summits. This was on the complaints that the gold mining trade has generated influx of migrants to the state, most especially from the Northern parts of the country and some neighbouring west Africa States. The biometric registration of all such miners were conducted to enable government ascertain the identity of those flocking the area. Of course, no government in Nigeria would prevent the movement of a citizen in any part of the country just on the suspicion that such constitute security threat.

The security summits referred above took far reaching decisions based on the contributions of security agencies and all other non state actors in security and the gold mining business.

Further, Mr Governor recently had a meeting with his counterparts in the South West with a view to setting up a regional joint patrol and rapid response squad to confront the menace. He also in regular discussion with the Osun Police command and the response of men and officers of the command has been quite commendable.

Its also worth of note that Governor Gboyega Oyetola met with the Chief of Army Staff, General Buratai and the Inspector General of Police, where he got the military commitment to strengthening the military man power in the state as well as working out pragmatic measure aimed at flushing out the miscreants from their hidden places as well as their collaborators.

In concluding this piece, the opinion of Binuyo Abdulahi in an article titled, “Osun Security – The Truth, The lies and the rest of us” is quite instructive as quoted below:

“Rather than scapegoating, we need to properly provide support to victims of kidnapping and their families. We can start by not making up stories that makes them relive the horror of their ordeals when those stories are not true. It is a cruel and wicked thing to do them. Worse still, peddling fearful falsehoods or exaggerations can only embolden the criminals who engage in this conduct and makes the job of law enforcement more difficult.

By forcing law enforcement to chase lies, we waste their most precious resource time. And that makes all of us less safe. Lying about security can literally cost lives and livelihoods.

Think before forwarding the next social media post about some horrific kidnapping or murder or unrest in Osun. Think before exaggerating news about an incident. Think before sharing unrelated posts or pictures that are wickedly tagged Osun( Ikire/Gbongan or ilesha road).

Think about the past victims of kidnappings and relatives of murdered kidnap victims before posting fake news about kidnappings. Thinking before acting is one of the most worthy qualities of an Omoluabi.

As security is the problem of every one of us, we all have a role to play. If you see something say something!
But for God’s sake don’t say something you don’t see or don’t know directly without verifying if it is true”.


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