DO YOU AGREE? Buhari Tenure Is A Success From The Youth Perspective – He Pushed Many Youths To Greatness

It’s been more than three years of hardship, maladministration, insecurity, waving economy, injustice, killings and more; but so to say it’s not a new thing in the eyes of an average Nigerian.

We have been suffering and smiling, hungry and working, crying and dancing. Based on this inevitable, so many youths have left their shells behind and now craving for a better life.

This present government have spurred each and everyone to make drastic decisions in order to survive in this dying economy. People have now learn to save more and spend less, also manage more and this has result to less wastage.

Many youths have ignored the threats and grab the opportunities passing by. As proof, the rate of entrepreneurship currently has remarkably boomed! No matter how small, youths are giving a try to start up businesses. Online marketing is now favourably rampered than ever.

They are more people willing to learn skills and handwork. The entertainment sector is awesomely doing well and most profitable, from the music side down to comedy and the movie industry.

Political awareness among the youth has extremely increased. If not for the ongoing misfeasance, what would have brought the idea of the “NotTooYoungToRun” initiative oriented by Samson Itodo?.

This present day misrule have driven the likes of Fela Durotoye, Omoyele Sowore, Shina Peller, Banky Wellington and many others to standout, stand firm and fight for the rights of the citizens of Nigeria by vying for political posts.

With all this, I can fearlessly say that the Buhari’s led administration is a big blessing in disguise to the youths. With sincerity, search your heart and you will agree with me.

During this distress, you must have made that drastic commitment in life, perhaps to start a trade, indulge in online sales, believing to get that job or even to learn a skill. And with no regrets, that decision have graciously brought you to where you are today.

Nigerian youths are known to be strong, full of energy and willing to take that adventure despite the stakes. So lets not erase these golden attributes given to us.

It’s not what our country can do for us, it’s what we can do for ourselves, others and our country. As we journey through this test of time, may heaven hear our cry and may all our desire be granted.

Source:- Emmanuel Ighodalo DG