Buhari’s led administration is a disaster – Atiku


The Official Spokesperson of the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic party, Paul Ibe, has said that president Mohammadu Buhari led administration is a disaster.

According to Ibe, he said that Nigeria citizens are more divided than it was in the previous administration.
Adding that the present administration has made Nigeria to become the extremely poverty country in the world.

Legit Ng, reported that Ibe’s comment came as the Atiku Action Group (AAG 2019), said it has mobilised over three million Nigerians for Atiku. Ibe said the current government failed Nigerians. He also assured that Atiku had the answer to the country’s many challenges.

He said“The citizens are divided. This scenario should worry any patriotic Nigerian. A leader should unite his country, but he cannot do so if he is insensitive to our diversity.

“Genuine criticisms of lopsided appointments of security chiefs are frequently ignored and those canvassing respect for our diversity are openly insulted and maligned to divert attention from the issue.

“Nothing can be more dangerous than a political leadership that is indifferent to genuine public criticisms.

“Under no circumstance should Nigerian leaders take its unity for granted. Yes, Nigeria has remarkable resilience, but let us not push our luck too far by disrespecting the country’s sensibilities. We have only come thus far by the mercies and grace of God,” he added.


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