I left good legacies Nigerians will always remember me for, says Jonathan

Goodluck Jonathan, former president of Nigeria has said that he left good legacies for the country during his tenure as president in 2015.

He said when he was still president in 2015, he had all the powers at his disposal to influence and manipulate the electoral process to his own advantage but he refused to do so because he placed the interest of Nigeria above his own personal interest.

The former president said this in an interview he granted to Premium Times on Friday.

Asked on what is the biggest and enduring legacy he left for the country he said, “A legacy of a tremendously improved electoral system, to such an extent that I, as an incumbent lost to an opposition candidate; a personal loss I consider a win for the Nigerian nation.

“I had every instrument of state coercion at my disposal to undermine and compromise the electoral process to my incumbent advantage but I refused to do such because I placed the interest of Nigeria ahead of my personal interest.

On the achievements of his administration he responded saying, “I wouldn’t have loved to comment on my tenure because I don’t fancy assessing and judging myself. I always prefer that other people be the ones to comment on my tenure. But if I may make some few comments on what my five years in office brought to the country, using your words ‘politically and economically’, I will say that we did our best.

“Talking about what I achieved politically, within the country we encouraged a stable polity. We encouraged people to live and associate freely in a hassle-free political environment. We stabilised the political and electoral processes. We recorded great successes there and people can attest to that.