Some captured members of terrorist Boko Haram group who graduated from deradicalisation exercise and vocational training have begged Nigerians to forgive them.

The ex-members of the insurgent group made the plea on Wednesday during the ceremony of their graduation from the exercise and training, which was organised by the Federal Government.

They were deradicalised and trained in vocational studies at the former permanent NYSC Orientation camp in Malam-Sidi town of Kwami Local Government Area in Gombe State.

Some of the members took turns to asked Nigerians to forgive them for their past actions.

One of them, Bappah Mura, from Borno State pleading for forgiveness, said he regretted totally what he was forced to do by the sect, claiming that it was not his intentions.

He said he was a humble farmer before the sect deceived him into joining them. He noted that all they told him were different from all they were made to do.

Mura, who said his heart bleeds, especially after undergoing rehabilitation and vocational training, said he regretted to have participated in destroying lives and property by with Boko Haram members.

He pledged to return to Bama, his home town, and use his knowledge of the sect to expose their lies, so as to dissuade youth from being deceived.

Expressing joy that he was graduating as a trained shoe-maker, Mura said he makes shoes of different kinds; and is now an “ambassador of peace.”

Another ex-member, Abana Ali, 62, said he was sorry for everything. He said he was deeply pained that he had been associated with such a devilish group.

Asking Nigerians to accept him back, he said many of them were deceived and forced to join the sect.

He said he and other ex-members were grateful to the Federal Government for the show of love; adding that the deradicalisation training has been helpful and now “I do not need to go home to beg, but to contribute what I have been taught,” he said.

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