Wike Hits Back At Amaechi: ‘You Were My Boy, I Made You Governor’

Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has hit back the Minister of Transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, over remarks he made at the presidential rally of the All Progressives Congress (APC) on Tuesday.

Amaechi, who is a former Rivers state governor, had described Governor Wike as an ingrate who turned around to spite him after establishing him politically.

The minster had said, “Wike was my Chief of Staff, I made him Chairman of Council, I inaugurated him as a minister but when he saw Goodluck, he betrayed me,” adding that, “I have been betrayed serially… including senators. After you finish helping them, after praying for them, they will go and betray you for a pot of porridge. Saturday is our day.”

But responding to Amaechi’s claim during a ‘Non-Indigene Solidarity Rally” that was held for him in Port Harcourt on Wednesday, Governor Wike described the minster as someone with a “psychiatric problem”.

The governor denied Amaechi’s claim of establishing him, adding that the minister was his boy before God used him (wike) to make Amaechi Rivers governor.

Wike said, “The Minister of Transportation cannot deny the fact that he has psychiatric problem.

“I will let you understand. First of all I’m not a member of the APC and I cannot be a member of APC. And none of us here…we don’t have anything to do with them. Instead of them [to focus on] their internal problems, they are fighting in their family.

“He destroyed his family and then he’s shifting the problem to those of us who have nothing to do with it. I Did not take APC to court, I never went to court for one day against APC.

On Amaechi’s threat to “battle him to the last” and remove him as Governor in the coming general elections, Wike said: “I didn’t know I’m a problem with them. And I want to tell you with all due respect that Rotimi Amaechi knows [he did not make me chairman]. Let me tell the whole world that in 1999, Rotimi Amaechi did not win that state assembly election.

“How did he get to be Speaker? We all know it was through the courts. It was the court that gave Amaechi that seat of Assembly in 1999. I’m not from his Local Government. I won my election as chairman of Obio-Akpor local government. So how could somebody who couldn’t win his assembly seat will be somebody who now made me to win chairmanship election. Is that possible? Now listen, let the whole world hear. He even said he made me his Chief of Staff. With all due respect to everybody this boy was in Ghana. God used people like us to make us and made Amaechi governor.

“A boy who ran away to Ghana and we stood here and vote for him and brought him back. He now turned around to say he made us. Is that possible?

“The same Supreme Court you want to destroy today was the one that made you Governor. Amaechi wants to destroy every institution. Today he has no respect for Supreme Court. But in 2005 when they gave him governorship, he was celebrating the Supreme Court judgment every October 25 every year. That time the Supreme Court was good. Now he has no respect for the Supreme Court. He wants to destroy the Supreme Court until they do his bidding. Can we allow that to happen?

“Each time this young man wants to destroy people because of his selfish interest. Instead of him carry his problem to his party, he’s leaving his party and coming to carry his problems to innocent people

“If you know you’re intelligent, why didn’t you settle your problem at home? If they had settled their problem at home would the matter (APC rivers primaries) go to court? So what is our problem? So you can see that he has a psychiatric problem?”

“So, I will appeal to him (Amaechi). This your smartness to destroy institutions.”