Is Nigeria’s President Buhari Fit for Office?

It has been intriguing watching the debates for the Nigerian presidential election 2019. The same promises made by all with no plan to execute them. This is probably not just a Nigerian trait but the way we now know politics to be played the worlds over. Looking at our former colonial masters go through their Brexit fiasco does bring some comfort; it means we are not too far behind.

Back to our issues, my primary concern has been about the President’s fitness for office. Not his policies, not his achievements but his health. I am astonished that given our recent past the ‘fitness ‘ of the president to run the affairs of the country for four more years has taken a back seat.

What happens if the president, who was obviously not 100% during many of the campaign interaction needs more time off the seat of power? How would things play out this time? What are the possible consequences for the country?