Can Atiku be trusted with the Nigerian Presidency?

Trust, this might be the one word standing between Atiku and the presidency.

A question a small group of friends tried to tackle in a recent get-together. Happily, they are still friends, but it is a crucial question for next week’s election.

Not so long ago, Atiku was frolicking with the APC bigwigs, revelling in the conquest of 2015. Then, as it often the case, the mood music changed – the “new PDP” are now back as ‘new post-APC PDP’.

We have heard the usual political promises and have been inundated with the achievements of Atiku as a businessman and private employer of labour. The one thing that his campaign has not been able to shake, probably down to the persistence of the APC media machine, is that of trust.

Can Atiku and his friends be trusted with the keys to Nigeria?