From Jihad To Jesus: #10yearschallenge Photos Of Faridi, A Christian Convert From Islam

From Jihad To Jesus: #10yearschallenge Photos Of Mohamad Amin Faridi, A Christian Convert From Islam.
Mohamad Amin Faridi, a Former jihadist has taken to his social media to share his #10years challenge photos which saw him convert from Islam to Christianity.

The former Islamist militant who converted from Islam to Christianity shared a photo taken a decade ago when he was a Jihadist and another taken recently after he converted to Christianity.
captioned on the photo reads:

My 10 years challenge.
From Jihad to Jesus. One day a slave to Islam and now a prince in the Kingdom of the Son of God!
#10yearchallenge #10yearschallenge #metoo

Mohamad’s post quickly went viral and generated mixed reactions among readers.

While many consider it a testimony to the glory of Jesus Christ, the post didn’t go down well with some others who consider him a lost sheep of Allah, the god of Islam.