Buhari’s administration speaks from two sides of the mouth

For the umpteenth time, I do wish President Muhammadu Buhari, the Grand Commander of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (GCFR) an impressive 76th birthday. Now that the birthday party is over, it is important and imperative that we return to the sole business that affects those who daily walk all the dusty streets of our country — nation building. While we all rejoice with Mr. President, but the truth is; birthday celebrations are not going to put any food on the common man’s table.

While Mr. President was swimming in the pool of numerous accolades on his birthday, he said and I quote: “Nigerians should continue to pray for me, give me more time and understand my intentions…” To start with, the job of Nigerians is not to pray for President Buhari, because Nigerians are not pastors. If PMB needs prayers, he knows those to talk to. Also, how does he expect Nigerians to understand his intentions, if he does not tell them? It is absolutely impossible because Nigerians are not mind readers.

First-rate Presidents do almost daily interact and rub minds with their fellow citizens; they do not tell them to read their minds. The major reason too many discordant voices are coming from presidency is because the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria hardly talks to his fellow-citizens. Today, Alhaji Lai Mohammed would say something and tomorrow, Mr. Garba Shehu would say something else. Also, in the morning, President Buhari would say one thing and on the same day, Professor Yemi Osinbajo would contradict it. No administration is as confused Nigerians more than the current administration and it is quite untoward.

In the same vein, in the contemporary world, the job of educated citizens is not to pray for their leaders; the job of active, well-versed and informed citizens is to consistently hold their presidents accountable. The President of Nigeria and other well-paid politicians do not need prayers before collecting their jumbo salaries and other benefits of their varied offices. As a matter of fact, Nigeria is a secular state, so Nigerians do not understand what Mr. President is asking them to do. For us to truly move forward as a nation, we need to separate the serious matters of state from religion.

Nigeria is probably one of the few states that only want to pray to move from third world to first. Even things that God expect us to do, during religious prayer meetings—on both Sundays and Fridays—we still push them to God. I have said it before and I want to say it again: it ain’t prayer that builds the nations. Nigeria cannot be more religious than Israel and Saudi Arabia. Some hours ago, Israel unveiled a dangerous offensive weapon. Do they pray? Yes. But they do not only pray; they are using their brains to birth 21st-century compliant-solutions to contemporary problems.

This is where I am coming: around the month of May 2017, Senior Special Assistant (SSA) to Buhari on national assembly, Ita Enang and Osinbajo’s spokesman did contradict themselves and it was a national embarrassment. One administration, saying two different things! This is one of the signatures of President Muhammadu Buhari’s administration.

The issue I am bringing to mind was on the issue of Budget signing. Enang said the budget would be transmitted to Mr. President in London when he took ill and the President would assent to the Budget while he was receiving treatment in London. He said the acting President was in office and when the Budget was transmitted, that it would go through the processes and all those other questions would answer themselves. It is only in Nigeria that questions answer themselves.

However, PYO’s spokesman, Mr. Laolu Akande, said and I quote: “…Just so we are clear; when the time comes, everything is set, and he is satisfied, Ag. President Yemi Osinbajo will assent to the 2017 Budget.” It was after Laolu spoke that we got to know that there was a quandary. Till today, the administration of Buhari has not changed one bit. And I am beginning to think that even if PMB is given twenty (20) more years to govern Nigeria, his administration would continue to speak from two corners of its mouth! He is running an uncoordinated government and an uncoordinated government cannot deliver a great nation.

As if that was not enough, on the same day Mr. President met with our governors and did say to them that our economy isn’t doing fine, Professor Yemi Osinbajo also told us that our economy is doing fine. Amongst the two of them, who was lying and who was telling the truth? And how can the President of Nigeria and his vice say two different things on the same day and on the same national issue, and Nigerians just moved on as if it does not impact negatively on our nation?

How do you expect Nigerians to trust and believe leaders who do not tell the truth? You know why? It is because—between the President and his vice, one of them was not saying the truth. Also, how do you expect Nigerians to trust an administration that speaks from two sides of its mouth to deliver a prosperous nation? Remember, only serious administrations deliver great nations!

Those who can still use their brains and who don’t do hero worship would need to ask President Buhari why they do not always speak as one. It is the beauty of an administration when everyone speaks as one. And it shows they know what they are doing. No one takes an administration that speaks from two sides of its mouth serious.