Night Club Dancer Who Had Butt Enlargement Injection Dies After Being Injected With Aeroplane Lubricant

A nightclub dancer who wanted Kim Kardashian butt has died after being injected with aeroplane lubricant.

26-year-old Fanny Kaina Solis Peraza, from Venezuela, moved to Peru for a better life and found work as a dancer in the city of Trujillo in the north-western Peruvian department of La Libertad.

In order to stand out on stage and be noticed by customers, she decided to have surgery to enlarge her backside.

Peraza sought a beautician to inject her buttocks with a substance that will make them larger. She went to the El Virrey cosmetic salon where a transgender male surgeon offered her an affordable deal.

According to Peraza’s cousin, Maria Fernanda Abreu Gonzales, 25, the substance turned out to be industrial grade liquid silicone that was only meant for use on aeroplanes.

Hours later the dancer started to feel unwell and collapsed after suffering a massive allergic reaction. By the time her family took her to a local hospital she was unconscious. Doctors rushed Ms Solis Peraza into intensive care but they were unable to save her.

When cops visited the salon they found the place closed and nobody there. Ms Abreu Gonzales then phoned the beautician, a transgender man who called himself “Nico”, and told him her cousin was seriously ill in hospital and needed help paying medical bills.

Not knowing his client was already dead, he went to the hospital where he was promptly arrested by waiting police officers.

Police say the transgender man, named as Nixon Moises Angulo Chavez, 39, admitted injecting the substance into Solis.