Publicity Desperado, Dino Melaye Bursted Again!

If the controversial man representing the people of Kogi West federal constituency at the national assembly, Senator Dino Melaye do really know the meaning of dignity, he ought to have buried his head in shame by now because its obvious that people are tired of his stupid tantrums.

And even if the man does not have the feeling of a fish in the glass, what about his handlers, at least, he should have one or two media aides or public relations experts who should be his guide and school him on the need to stop these shows of humiliation. His macabre dance attitude is getting to a crescendo and as a matter of fact, some school of thoughts are beginning to doubt his mental ability.

The man has been a victim of national embarrassment many times owing to his childish behaviour and “notice me” excesses but the recent post on his Instagram handle left more to be desired.

As if the foolish lies of his 11 hours-on-the-tree-kidnap is not enough, Dino in another bid to score a cheap political point had posted a picture of a wounded man which he rumoured to have been attacked in Oshokoshoko (maybe a town in Kogi) by some APC thugs led by the Speaker of Kogi State Assembly but unknown to the publicity crazy Dino, those who know the man in the picture began to rain curses at him for a deliberate lie to confuse the people and foment another political trouble.

The purported man in the picture, according to people in the know is Olusegun Adekoya, the personal assistant to the former Amuwo Odofin local government chairman, infact, they revealed that the picture is not fresh and that the incident which Dino claimed was in Kogi happened in Lagos months back.

“Dino is a bastard, this is the picture of Olusegun Adekoya, the former personal assistant to Amuwo Odofin LG Chairman, Lagos, why using someone else picture to spread lies and deceits. This incident happened in Lagos before the last local government elections. Dino you’re doomed”, the source slammed the publicity crazy senator.

And in another post on his Instagram, there’s a footage of a former Kogi Senator, Smart Adeyemi whom Dino mocked to being disgraced and a critical look at the short video does not show what Dino was fueling.

The man was taken to the cleaners by his own fans, most of whom believed those plans might have been hatched by Dino himself, ” its high time people like Dino got booted out of our democracy, there’s no assurance that the man is psychologically balanced”, they concluded .

Jite Usman