Cabal now in London to meet with Buhari on Daura.

A team of Cabal from one the groups controlling the Presidency have arrived the UK for a final consultation on the fate of Sacked and disgraced former DG DSS Lawal Daura. They have vowed to fight back the Ag President Prof Yemi Osinbajo for daring to sack one of the most influential member of the cabal. Sources within the Presidency have stated that the President only acted fait due to the response of the international community and the threat by Vice President Osinbajo to resign if the erstwhile DG DSS was not fired immediately. With the President forced to accept a perilous end for one his most active crusaders; the cabal have gone in to exploit the emotions of the President and suggest ways on how to deal with the Vice President with a possible suggestion of not picking him as running mate in 2019 Presidential elections. The cabal is still fighting hard on how to get a soft landing for Lawal Daura

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