Dear Sir;

I addressed you by the title ‘savior’ to the soothe of few; even though we are still far away from being saved but we have given you the title and that underlined our desperation, at least, you have saved us from oblivion, we now have hope that Biafra will be restored even though not under your reign. It has been long open letter was written to you; possibly because you are dead, arrested or missing, whichever one, I am certain my letter will reach you.

I write to you because I played a major role for the past four years convincing our people to trust you and give you every support you needed. It would be evil; if I kept quiet a time you have deviated from the initial agreement, although I was told there was a reason you deviated from everything you preached on Radio Biafra that attracted me to this agitation under you. I have been to a point my colleague said we will take oath; reaching there, they said that if we agreed and it reaches time to do what we agreed and I gave excuses, that I have betrayed and the oath will kill me. I was shocked; I never knew it happens like that, Savior, had you took such oath, I know you would have done what we agreed or you are in the grave by now.

My biggest concern or fear is, while it is arguable everything you said was a propaganda, I could not measure why you block every move for someone that can do to do. You occupied indigenous position we all elevated, sit on the finances and demand control of anybody that dares make a different move. That same thing destroyed Ojukwu; not admitting to step aside where he is inexperienced or incapable. You alone knows where I am going; with time, everything will be clear to the people.

I thought of writing this letter because the Nnamdi Kanu I heard his voice on radio Biafra is not the Nnamdi Kanu I see today in IPOB. The Nnamdi Kanu that solicited for guns and bullets to defend his people is no more. The Nnamdi Kanu that vowed to bravery confront Nigeria is today talking about newest strategic ‘quack’ referendum. The Nnamdi Kanu that will never retreat or surrender suddenly went missing or arrested because Nigerian army invaded. You command the army of Biafra; but self-defense is a thing we cannot even afford in the face of bloodshed. But on a second thought; I decided to write this letter to awaken the Nnamdi Kanu I used to know.

Death is happening everywhere around us; there is tension and self-defense is all a clamor, I don’t want to die like victims of Enugu, Benue, Agatu, Jos etc. The excuses such as let us make use of all our peaceful strategies; let us wait after Anambra state election, let us wait after referendum, let USA hear our cry before we talk of self-defense, let us avoid terrorist tag that has been tagged, and question like, Ifeanyi Chijioke will you give us gun? They are nothing but signs of betrayal; you deviated from what you told us on radio Biafra that made a good number of us followed you, and you also deviated when you received defense fund.

Savior; you spoke randomly on radio Biafra to the extent we began to see you as a prophet but clear study of the situation shows everything back then was propaganda. If really you knew about all you said; why did you not prepare for the rain? You once solicited for guns and bullets to defend us but when defense fund came, guns and bullets became last option as if there was any existing option. You have talked like a lion; now is time to act like a lion, to put all you have said into implementation, but it is a big issue. We continue to project all you said but no balls to show more than words; this makes me think your role was to talk while to do is left for another. Former minister of Finance Okonji said she can see and perceive death and Igbo should arm themselves for defense, or do you have magical powers for the people of Biafra? Instead of use defense fund the people contributed for our defense; is it being used for ‘quack’ referendum?

Recently; I grew quite skeptical that we are no longer safe in Biafra land; this made me to champion the call for self-defense. Since I chose this path; I have received threats from IPOB hierarchies, they said I have built a remarkable reputation among Biafrans and that I should support which ever error that comes from IPOB leadership. Posterity will judge me or give me a better reputation; when killing gets to Jos level in Biafra land, posterity will be saying, I said let us prepare for it.

Let me remind you sir; we said no retreat and no prevarication, I am seriously worried that you prevaricated when the beat of self-defense through ‘strategic force’ we agreed and started with was changed along the line. Let me remind you sir that you said you will never oversee a peaceful agitation; you also said that Biafra cannot be restored without a fight. A time you feel we have gotten the hearts of the people of Biafra to your side; a time you knew our people have given you their hearts, like a beautiful mistress; you are playing with our hearts because our love has blinded us. One thing is certain; we gave Uwazurike such love; he never believed our eyes can open, yet, you don’t want to learn from that.

Few of my innocent brothers see my position as hatred for you, our savior, but before Chukwuokikeabiama, let me go down the grave the next minute if this is hatred. I want nothing but Biafra; I knew how your war rhetoric motivated us and dragged many of us to our graves with hope that it shall be avenged and the living will defend their lives. I am deeply pained that you have narrowed the agitation to where Uwazurike dropped it- the bus stop of peaceful agitation, Uwazurike was on peaceful agitation, I have slept over it, asking myself what is the difference between Biafra agitation under you and the one under Uwazurike? Except media presence and impending political involvement; what exactly is the difference? Sit-at-home, boycott, international diplomacy and protest were all invented by Uwazurike and you are carrying on from there, what is the difference?

Although my One Naira did not enter into defense fund, please permit me to speak out my frustration. The people of Biafra contributed for defense, but each time I visit our security camps, they are dying of hunger and can’t boast of machete. The leadership of Omiomio HOD under you is telling us stories about this money. With what happened in Enugu, Agatu, and happening in Jos, Benue etc, I am dumbfounded that you have not found a reason to invest that money in defense as stipulated. If it is in the bank, safe or under your control; what stops it going to our security men on ground? IPOB under you told us that Fulani herdsmen are coming into our land, only to tell us to hold governors responsible. Let it be clear that I will hold our defense fund responsible.

The most annoying aspect of it is; despite the blood flowing in Nigeria, and the level of insecurity in Biafra land and beyond, you decided to go ahead with a ‘Greek gift’ called referendum. I seriously doubt that the very man I heard his voice over radio Biafra is the one conducting ‘quack’ referendum. I supported this referendum but we must get prepared for it by first setting up self-defense mechanism. Savior; the way you carelessly sacrifice us instead of save us is a concern to me, how could defenseless Christian youth conduct ‘illegal’ referendum in a country the president sponsors bloodbath against Christians?

I don’t want to believe that defense fund is being used for referendum; the reality is, Biafra will be restored and everyone will be probed, this is not the Biafra Uwazurike met, we today have Biafran journalists that can fearlessly ask questions and fight a cause. Even though the people of Biafra have given their hearts; you should be able to know that as a journalist, I have the moral right to protect them and ensure the Biafra they pay and die for comes to fruition.

Savior; you promised the people of Biafra a brave confrontation; a fight world leaders will come to separate. You said you command the army of Biafra and shall lead them to battle like Israel did in 1948. Savior; you have changed, it is today a strategic legal process, a strategic press release, a strategic protest, a strategic disruption of summits and strategic referendum and bringing newest strategy with referendums. Sir; that was not what we discussed, you and I know you deceive yourself and me when we mention peaceful restoration of Biafra. Biafra cannot be peacefully restored until her natural resources are no more- not when dealing with uncircumcised Hausa/Fulani and British Islamic country.

Savior; finally, I am here waiting for you to repent, come back to your original self and let us bravery do this job. Biafra must be restored and there is no time left; if you cannot fight it; handover to someone that can fight because you are occupying a space and it is wasting. If you cannot handover; then do what is needful by releasing the defense fund to someone that can do it and sustain your position as a peaceful civilian leader. We have brave and fearless people in Biafra that can be as brave as Israeli leaders, Ireland, south Sudan, Vietnam etc.

Yours Sincerely.

Ifeanyi Chijioke writes from Abuja