Be Honest! On The Scale Of 1-10, Which Rate Would You Give President Buhari’s Administration So Far

It’s obvious President Buhari’s adminiatration is already 3 years already and he will complete his 1st tenure by 2019.

Even though no government will deliver 100% to satisfy the citizens of the country but there are many of them who tried to win many people’s heart with their style of government policies.

President Buhari has received many criticisms from Nigerians and on the other hand, many Nigerians are praising him claiming he’s one of the best presidents we have had.

As 2019 is approaching and everyone is ready to vote, its either to vote him for continuity or vote him out depending on how active he is in the minds of every citizens of our dear country.

As a Nigerian who has been experiencing Buhari’s administration for 3 years. If you would rate his administration from 1-10. what would you give him??

Rate Buhari’s Administration from 1- 10

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