2019!!! Great Victory Ahead As Igbo Senator Promises President Buhari 6 Million Votes From The South-East, Declares What The Region Stands To Gain In 2023


The Coordinator of the South-East Caucus National Committee of the Buhari Support Group, Senator Hope Uzodinma, has stated that nothing will stop President Muhammadu Buhari from a landslide victory in the South-East, in 2019.

Uzodinma stated this at the inaugural meeting of the Caucus, in Abuja, on Thursday.

He said that the Caucus’ target was to deliver not less than six million votes, out of the estimated eight million registered voters in the South-East.

He disclosed that the Caucus would not rest on its oars, in ensuring that the goal becomes a reality, in view of what the region stands to gain, if the target is achieved.

According to the Coordinator, an overwhelming vote that will return Buhari as President in 2019, will guarantee the South-East an opportunity to produce the President, in 2023.

According to him also, it is an opportunity the region has for several years clamoured for, and should not be allowed to slip through its fingers.

“The National Leadership has approved the operation of this Caucus, and we are going to go for it, bearing in mind that if we succeed, we will smile very well in 2023.

“We are going to tag our operation, ‘Operation 2023’, meaning that by the time Mr. President wins convincingly in the South-East, the name of the business will be ‘Reciprocity’.

“This means, I have done for you, you are now to do for me”, he said.

Uzodinma assured that plans were already in place to map out strategies that would enable the Caucus deliver on the mandate.

He added that the group would come up with a programme that would take the All Progressives Congress, APC, politics to various units in 2019, while reaching out to “booth owners’’.

He said: “Every booth in South-East belongs to some people. They have Leaders, and if the message is given to them in a manner that they will understand, I am sure that we will succeed.

“There is no point claiming headship; the common denominator is what would make President Buhari, out of the eight million registered voters in the South-East, to get a minimum of six million votes.

“In doing that, we have to make sacrifices and call some people to order. We will do our beat.

“For me as a person, we will try to convince, and those that will willingly follow will follow.’’

Mr. Uzodinma hinted that plans were underway to organise a mega rally in the region, adding that, the President had approved of it, and promised to be present.

He stressed that management structures would be set up at the State, Local Government and Ward, as well as booth levels, for better delivery.

“Before some of us came into the party, I was told you do not use the money to do politics; now we are going to use the money to do politics.

“We are going to do that, knowing very well that the tradition and culture of our people require that.

“We cannot begin to learn a new culture, when the election is a few days away. So, we will start from the known to the unknown.

“We are going to work with the President, and by the grace of God, he will win in 2019.

“However, we have to establish criteria for knowing who a Leader is, when we get home.

“A Leader is a man who wins his booth. A man who does not win his booth, is a pensioner. So, we will identify the right type of people that will be in the front line, give us victory’’, he said.

The Coordinator, assured of his commitment to serving, not only to coordinate affairs, but ensuring that the tools and logistics needed to make work easy, would be provided.

He urged members of the Caucus to designate functions appropriately, saying that it would be counter-productive to assign the duty to people who would not deliver on the mandate.

He said: “I am optimistic that working as a team with love and providing accommodation for each and everyone; we will have no reason not to succeed.

“It is your goodwill in your various states that will translate to the President’s goodwill.

“We will take the risk and guarantee the president so that our people will vote for him and he will win, knowing very well that after 2023, it will be Alleluia all the way.’’

The Lawmaker assured of the party’s readiness to reconcile differences among members, particularly those from the South-East.

He added that it was time to work for one Nigeria, rather than bearing grudges that would damage the party and Nigeria as a whole.