The Wazirin Adamawa Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has insisted that for Nigeria to achieve the unity and the development that it is looking
for, then it cannot escape restructuring.

Speaking in Yenagoa the Bayelsa state capital during a consultation visit to Governor Henry Seriake Dickson, the Waziri of Adamawa maintained that “As you all know. I have been an advocate of restructuring”.

He however called on Governor Henry Seriake Dickson to join him as they work together towards a restructured country in 2019.

He therefore said if given the opportunity to rule Nigeria the first thing he will do is to make sure that country is restructured.

Admitting that the Governor of Bayelsa state Henry Seriake Dickson is on the same page as far as restructuring is concerned he said he has consistently be hammering on restructuring even as far back as 2004.

The former president who was instrumental to the present day
Democracy maintained that he will create jobs for the teaming youths of the country as well as giving opportunity for private business men and women to thrive.

“I’m definitely going to open up the economy for foreign investment as well as local investment. I will encourage the private sector to create as many jobs as possible because our number one problem in this country today is lack of jobs for our young men and women”. Waziri disclosed.

He thanked the people of Bayelsa state for hosting him and his team. Maintaing that he was not a stranger in the state, saying that from late 80’s the time they wanted to return the country to democratic governance, he has been shuttling the state.

He commended the Governor for a huge chunk of infrastructure. He has embarked on so far adding that there are few Nigerians who are conversant with the physical conditions of the Niger Delta and Bayelsa in particular.

“Let me thank this state for the way they have been conducting
themselves in making sure that there has been continuity in the party governance in this state. In other words since 1999, it has always been one PDP administration after the other”.

“The achievements that have been recorded could partially be
attributed to that continuity.

“Coming to specific performance I will like to congratulate Governor
Dickson for his achievement in land mark development projects in this state. There has been no single governor who has recorded the achievements he has made”.

“And these achievements are there for everybody to see. Do not forget that this is the only state where they have the only functional health insurance scheme in the whole country”. He concluded.

Reacting to the commendations the Governor of Bayelsa state Henry Seriake Dickson commended the former president for finding time to visit the state.

“I want to thank you for the position you have taken in the
issue of restructuring. You have been very consistent and you are
one of the most consistent political persons in support of a new Nigeria”.

“Your excellency I need to report to you the wishes of and the mandate of not just the people of this state but of the Ijaw Nation.

They have told me to mobilize our people they have made their position known and clearly that forth the coming 2019 election is going to be a referendum on restructuring.

I want to tell you that I and my leaders have resolved to take the
message of restructuring to the nooks and crannies of this country.

He however called for more cohesion within the party adding that “Right now we have the challenge of taking power from an incumbent administration and all of us know the nature and character of the
administration we are talking about.

“So I call for greater unity and cohesion within our party. I call
for cohesion even among those aspiring and such that when the party’s processes are concluded, it will be easy for everybody to rally
behind somebody. Hopefully our best is what we should put forward”

“I call for intensification of consultation, I call for rededication to the cause of deepening and salvaging our democracy and I call for a
rejection of one party dictatorship in our country”.

“Those of us in our party should work together to ensure that we have a virile platform that can rise to the challenges of our democracy”.

“Here in Bayelsa, these leaders you see here are the people who joined
me to defeat federal might in this state. This state you are seeing
is the headquarters of PDP on this country:

“This state rose up to defend the course of democracy and the PDP
flag is still flying high in this state.

“This is a PDP state. The other party is not only in terse it is none existent in this state. “Even the few people left, we have started the process of completely winding them up”.

“I pray and believe that at the end of my tenure, this state will have another governor from the PDP”.

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