A philanthropist per excellence born into the royal family, he has always had the kindness of heart that comes with a prince which translates to an apparent heir.

An internationally renowned maritime and human rights lawyer and a true democrat that was at the front burner of human rights campaign during the military dispensation which led to the ushering in of democratic era in the country and eventual setting up of the National Human Rights Commission to conform with global best practice.

Honourable Ned Nwoko has always presented himself to serve humanity all his life as his willingness and passion for whatever relates to uplift humanity from every form of agony is insatiable.

As the battle for who to rescue the people of Delta North draws nearer, the people of Delta North seem not to have a senator in the red chambers representing them, they have opt for the Asaba Prince as the preferred candidate.

This has made the people of Idumeje-Ugboko and the entire Deltans have once again asked that Prince Ned Nwoko come rescue them from the ill representation they currently face in the red chambers.

As a man who has served at the National Assembly, Nwoko set up and maintained one of the leading law firms in the UK, where he practiced as a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales. He is the Principal Consultant of Ned Nwoko Solicitors, a London-based law firm engaged in management and verification of foreign debts of third world countries, including their component states. He also served on the Vision 2010 Committee and is a member of the capital market. He served as Chairman of the External Committee of Vision 2010. He is also the Chairman of Linas International Limited.

Prince Ned Munir Nwoko has excelled as a leader across all domains from intellectual and the organizational to the ethical and the humane. Saying he Ned deserve some accolades for his wits is understatement.

Most importantly, he is very humble and modest man as many see him as a symbol of integrity, no wonder his personal and organizational staff has spent several decades working with him as they have nicknamed him ‘The Perfectionist” due to his meticulous and discerning ways of handling issues and result oriented personality.

This has been shown in his daily life with his quote

“One man, one vote”. What it means is quite simple that time has come to give back to the people the power, it is that power you have to elect people of your choice, somebody you believe in, not someone that has given you bags of rice, bails of cloths or money. Be sure you are making the right decision, it mustn’t be me, my job is to enlighten, yes I am aspiring but I don’t have to be your candidate if you feel you have somebody who is better. Please let the person be better in every way, in education, experience, performance in the past. When you go to give that mandate to that person, the person must be someone who will hold that mandate jealously, seriously on your behalf”

This isn’t the words of a typical Nigerian politician, this is the words of a leader who puts the people first in all circumstance even if he is involved, these words have sent chills down the spines of the electorate as they have said time without number while clamoring for a better change for a better representation in the red chambers.

The entire People of Delta North have all come to a conclusion to give their mandate to a man that has shown so much prudence while he was in the Federal House of Representative to represent them once again in the red chambers.

While several groups across the state has been beckoning on him to come and salvage the people of Delta North with better representation as they have never hidden their love for the Asaba Prince, with the most recent being a group under the umbrella of the Anioma Unity Forum (AUF), that came out in their thousands to drum support for the Idumuje Prince.

Many have said, if a single man could pull such a string that the Delta North Prince pulled to put the whole country back on track at a time when Nigeria was mud sliding into economic comatose , who else would the cap better fit at this time of economic hardship to rescue them once again as he has always shown benevolence in areas such as, Agricultural Development, Enterprise Support Initiative, Education, Health Youth Development, Support for Women and host of other too numerous to mention through his Africa-wide foundation, Prince Ned Nwoko Foundation

The Idumuje-Ugboko Prince probably wouldn’t have been responded to the plea when beckoned upon by his people, however with his endless passion for humanity, he came forth and said;

“The office of the senate is not a joke, it’s a serious business. it goes beyond the governor or godfather saying Mr. A is my choice let me put him there. By so doing, he demonstrates total disregard to your rights, because that freedom of expression and choice is defeated. If he puts Mr. A there as a senator, what happens ultimately is that Mr. A will always be loyal and answerable to the governor of godfather. Think of the reserve, if you collectively in your wisdom decide that Mr. A is your choice and mayor knows this because he has canvassed for such support, Mr. A in his wisdom must know that he has to perform” .

“There is something I always say without fear in every gathering like this, If you don’t do politics, politics would do you. Don’t think that politics is anybody’s preserve anyone of you here can be a senator tomorrow or a governor or anything you want to be, but the environment must be conducive, everyone must have a level playing field to be able to aspire. Unfortunately we don’t have that in Nigeria”.

There are several issues to complain about in politics, and there are plenty of politicians who bring more problems to its people. But there are also politicians who seem focused on doing the right things for the general populace and right now, the people of Delta North can fortunately count themselves lucky to have Honourable Ned Nwoko as a politician who put the people first.

Hon. Ned Nwoko who served as a House of Representative Member for four years between 1999 to 2003, willingly donated his remuneration and allowance to students in his constituency, in his dignified four years in office whereas politicians are converting government properties. Afterall Hon. Ned Nwoko was born into royalty, why should he touch what is meant for the public.

Delta North have settled for Hon. Ned Nwoko for the 2019 senatorial election……